Cymbal Reins – Demo/Review

Rein Percussion:

Everything I used in the video, plus more!

Interested in the acoustic blankets I use?






Peter Edie says:

Not a drummer but still dig your videos.

just gotta say i really love the idea of a symbol being a “pure alloy” when an alloy is literally the exact opposite of being pure lol

Emmanuele Infante says:

I would love to see you build acrylic tube toms.. you have none and it would be nice to add those to your inventory…

Angel Alfonso says:

Using these sounded pretty good as an efx crash and i like how it stuck out in the mix, but to have these on a cymbal i wash, i wouldn’t.

C O says:

Sounds cool, but when the damper came close to your stick, I didn’t like it as much.

Alexander Aultman says:

To my ears, only light tension seems useful. It lowers the overall volume of the cymbal without losing too much of the natural decay.

Drum Omatic says:

One. The cymbal rotates until that heavier anchor point with excess cord is in the way.
Two. Why?

Brendan Kohlheim says:

make more bass drum beaters

Andrew Zbinden says:

I have a bizarre idea for a drum. What if you were to put snares on a bass drum? I don’t know how you’d do it, but I believe you can come up with something. Don’t cut the bass drum down though. I think a bass-snare drum would be awesome!

Jack Wilczynski says:

I never understood why you would want to dampen cymbals, drums I get but cymbals just make no sense
Plus, the fully dampened one sounds like Roger cymbals from when they went on top of the pops.

TheRootdrummer says:

Can you use them on top? you would think that would dampen more

Isaac Svendsgaard says:

What is you drumset? @rdavidr

Bruce Hewat says:

Looks like a solution trying to find a problem.

Eric Barrett says:


Jay Findlay says:

Awesome video man, would these work on china cymbals??

ItsAllGonePearShaped says:

MoonGel is your friend.

Ethan Winograd says:

you can just as easily buy the meinl cymbal tuners and mute the cymbal without causing damage

Obed Vela says:

For some odd reason, IT just hit me that RDAVIDR reminds of Hagrid from harry potter i have know idea why though.

GT Taupo says:

I have an idea for a drum build. You should make a marching snare drum out of a Tom

Herman K. Krogh says:

Could you make a video where you show all the mics that U use with details:)))))))
And if U have link me plz…..

Aaron Levy says:

For as much as these are, a person would be better suited to add some drumdots or moongel or gaff tape to the cymbal and save a ton of money.

Eli Pender says:

What happens if you hit one?

Simão Santos says:

Hey David,I had a suggestion/idea for you. I guess this isn’t the right place to say, but it’s the most recent one so I thought it’s more likely you’ll see it. Basically, have you ever thought of making a DIY broomsticks using spaghetti? I just thought of it, and I don’t know if it’ll work, so I’m hoping you make it so I know what can go wrong 😀

JCMusic says:

Was anyone else semi-hoping the beat he used to demo was “Superstition” when he first started playing it?

rdavidr says:

How would you use these? If I had a practice kit I would definitely throw these on.

QuasiTraction says:

What happened to electrical/gaffer tape?

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