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Cymbal Setup From Left To Right:

All Zildjian L80 14″ hats, 16″ crash, 18″ ride
Yamaha Recording Customs

Vic Firth 5A

Classic Clear on toms and snare resonant
Response 2 on toms batter
Hi-Velocity on snare batter
Regularor (Ebony) on kick resonant
Super Kick 10 on kick batter

Drumtacs Drum Muffler


Drum Dial


JD Marshall says:

if you’re young, do your parents a favor, save up for these

Lachlan Skinner says:

Dude! Thanks for the house demo. I played these at NAMM as well, but couldn’t figure out how much the stick definite would carry. I was concerned about it carrying through my house. Not now!

Cucurbisicyos says:

Is that what steve miller used to play swingtown?

Neill Wylie says:

Snare sounds ace.

Brandon Black says:

This whole thing sounds like a sack of potatoes

Jason Schultz says:

Looking forward to hearing your Hottness play on one of your videos. I could barely hear anything!

Gonzalo Roldán says:

It is only use for practice?

Totally Tubular says:

Ever think about making the holes follow a pine pattern, using fibonacci numbers like 144 against 233? It would come out looking like a sunflower.

past the breakers says:

My ears are damaged from drumming. These are good ear protection.

ragrapios says:

actually this vid volume is too low

Quaid Walters says:

can you use one cymbal from the hi hat cymbals as a 13″ crash?

D Adam says:

That snare sounds amazing

Santi Acuna says:

But how much do they cost?????

xxdvallesxx says:

I googled super pads.. the internet thinks I’m asking about tampons.

deadlydorock says:

thanks, Stephen, for this. What do they sound like with bundles? brushes? I want to use regular heads for small jazz combo gigs, but thinking about these cymbals to take the volume down. Will they carry across a room at all? Or are they genuinely just a practice cymbal. Maybe they need a series that reduces volume by 60%, instead of only 80%. thanks, man!

Hogan Bentle says:

Cool shuffle there toward the beginning! Most people overlook shuffle and swing music.

BradleyGoat says:

have you tried the RTOM Black Hole Practice System? If so, which do you like better?

Hilljack87 says:

The ride would probably be great for a suitcase kit. They should make a trashy version.

Benjamin Robinson says:

The whole set and cymbals sound like a drum machine :O

801 Guitar says:

Now people can’t hear how terrible I am at the drums!!!

Ramon Key says:

Thanks for showing how loud they are perceived throughout the house

Onyxaxe says:

Nice and affordable. I need a practice kit more than a triggered kit. These fit the bill.

João De Paula says:

Do you use some rim protection or you did not use rim shots?

Abraxas Leon says:

Great video!!! Quick question, would I be able to do some home recording with these?

New Breaking says:

I gotta get a set of these cymbals

Chang Adam says:

Honestly, L80 still sounds so crappy lol ,but is MUCH Better than Gen16’s shit like sound , I will get one of this

micah ferguson says:

if watching this video makes your skin craw, you have trypophobia.

Riles Baird says:

Dat snare is fat!

Rhinsac says:

Thank you Stephen!. I recently saw this cymbals online and thought they were a great idea. Your video and input helped me decide to get a set for practice.

Leandro F says:

you can also use it to strain some pasta

Taj Baber says:

I like the practice applications, but I think this would be great for lower volume gigs and jams with acoustic guitars and such.

Juan de Dios Hinojosa Ordoñez says:

Hola en Monterrey México, en donde los consigo? Gracias

Donald Weatherall says:

audio L/R is swapped :p

Schvedt says:

it would be funny if the person who plays drums in the end of the video just removed practice pads and played sick drum fill at full volume :>

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