Cobus – A Review Of Sabian’s Big & Ugly Cymbals

So many weird adjectives.

For more about these epic cymbals:


This video was filmed, edited, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced in its entirety by Cobus Potgieter.

Filmed and recorded at Drum Channel Studios,
Oxnard, California, USA.

I very proudly endorse the following companies:

DW Drums & Hardware
Sabian Cymbals
Evans Drumheads
Promark Sticks
Logitech Ultimate Ears IEM’s (PRM)

This video was shot 100% GoPro,
with Hero 3+ Black cameras, in 1080p at 60fps.

Recorded and mixed using Cubase 7
Edited using Sony Vegas

NO drum replacement was done in this mix, this is a 100% acoustically recorded and mixed track: absolutely no supplementation, layering, or triggering was done.



Huda Hanafiah says:

that is relic

pixelgenesis says:

Please, brotha… more metal … please! 😉

Daniel Roik says:

Hi Cobus so dose that mean?, if i have a Green Which Drum set?, & A Pearl Drum set,? with pro tone skin’s, on my Pearl drum set, will they still sound good, & please let me know Cobus which is Better?, & with Remo Drum skins, on my Green Which drum set?, dose that mean, i don’t have the real thing, because i’m happy with my drum set, the way it is, if it wasn’t for drum’s, i don’t think i would have much of life, because Drum’s are Super Awesome????????????, Thank’s Againg Cobus.

John Stiles says:

What’s the dynamic range? between bleh and meh?

Joshua Jones says:

Good ugly like Pug dogs type ugly.

nadir6661 says:

     phoenix   grate chin ping ping!

Amanda Kazmark says:

did they let you keep the cymbal?

Eric Tosca says:

You must be a hipster or mentally retarded if you buy these cymbals.

csrgatorfan says:

They sound like shit.

Andrew Nordan says:

these cymbals don’t cater to his sound and its really obvious he doesn’t really like them.

LukeBogart says:

These sound like they infused the cymbals with toilet paper.

Nolan Weber says:

Hated pretty much every one of those I heard. Kit sounded great though!

nick denardo says:

not to be too stuffy or get away from the drumming aspect, but you asked about english. technically, you do not want to end a sentence with a preposition (at, on, of, about, etc.) – “in” in this instance. you corrected yourself well – “wherein i used these cymbals”. you could also move the preposition to the front “in which i used these cymbals”. but back to drumming – nicely done. i don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but you’re obviously a good student of the drums. nice playing, nice mixing. i tried some of these in the store, and they seemed a little bit choked for my tastes, but definitely a unique line and will add to your “vocabulary” – as you so eloquently put it.

Lori Burda says:

they look like there going to crack when you hit them XD

Joseph Pepel says:

he just sound like South African boy.. XD

Aaron Rhoades says:

Sick grooves at 2:38, man.


The 22inch pandora sounds amazing…
i hope i spelt “pandora” right 😉

Nacho Ramos says:

They would sound great in some experimental music, right?

Cameron Fairlie says:

OMG that 60 fps hurts my face.

Rohan Douglas says:

Sabian has the best crashes to ride on for sure

Yiorg Vou says:

I don’t see any ugly cymbals around…! Does a thing like that even exist?

francesco recupero says:

This cymbals are so dry that makes me go thirsty

Bama MoonDog says:

Thumbs down for these cymbals. Way too much “Wash”. Not enough defined “Ping”. Also extremely overpriced for the poor sound quality.

datdudedatgetsit says:


palesamaa says:

Tienes puras cosas feas deberías tirarlas a la basura 😛

nadir6661 says:

not ugly they sound superb!

Артем Фахрутдинов says:

when you’re a salesman and you gotta sale something, you better be sure you believe in your product. because you’re about to make people believe it’s not just good it’s nearly perfect.

this review of cymbals, in my opinion, clearly does not present to people a brilliant brand new series of versatile cymbals. it’s just an unconvincing effort to make people buy something they don’t need


CaptainCantu says:

Solid break down. This video is the determining factor as to which one I buy. Thanks!

Charlie Revord says:

Watching drumming in 60 fps is an experience. 

datdudedatgetsit says:

Sabian is not Turkish its candian

sickstix16 says:

you just started lessons a few years ago…

Fernandez Edfred says:

Cobus make a cover of uptown funk – mark ronson ft. bruno mars

Nogtorpanzie bognurgoggin says:

i have those dws

sami obeid says:

Cobusss can you ppleaseee make a drum cover of i dont care by apocalyptica and adam gontier, please there is no good decent cover on youtube, and youre the best

Alexa Morris says:

Lol id have too much fun with these. Big and ugly cymbals are so unique

michael mattice says:

Thanks for sharing. Nice playing and nice cymbals. My only criticism – and it’s mostly based on personal preference – is that it seems like you really have to lay into them to get any volume. I understand these are “drier” cymbals so this makes sense…

Dallas Brose says:

I think in 10 years people will look back on these cymbals as a joke

Kat Man says:

So basically you can crash on all of them, yet still ride on them..sick bro

Alan Spaulding says:

Way too much talking

TreyNoblesRM says:

I kno this is a pretty old video but where is the love for the Monarch? That’s my favorite cymbal in my opinion

Kiefer Hyder says:

They are in a couple musical stores near me.. & I have hit them.. I recommend the same. Wish I had a set up made entirely of this cymbal line. Also really appreciate this cat’s proper grammar. Kudos.

Sean Seaphan says:

don’t worry, buddy. your english is noticeably better than most native english speakers.

Wira Aditama says:

keep that apollo or king for your main ride, that apollo is great for ride.

pmbfrance says:

when did Apu started to play drum ?

Chiggy Chiggy says:

I see what they were going for. Still, I’d take Meinl or Hammerax before these.

Isac Harming says:

What is that hi-hat stand it’s wiggeling all over the place

ClarkKasheta says:

over-priced gimmick

#ElParrroN says:

What mark of battery is it?

ThaKillaInstinct says:

What are those hihats? They sound amazing!!!

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