Cheap vs Expensive Cymbals

This is a comparison video between my inexpensive Wuhan crashes and my more expensive Sabian crashes. Check it out and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Aidan Chavez says:

who else thought from the way he was about to talk in the beginning, it was gonna be a funny video?

Alexander Fusca says:

wuhan all day

Manuel Martinez says:

Wuhans /,,/

Kaleb McGrath Lee says:

Wuhans 100%

Steven Welsh says:

wuhans sound better to me.

Joseph Bobowicz says:

I like the Wuhans, but I have to say that Zildjian A Customs are the greatest sounding cymbals I’ve ever played.

Mechie B says:

I was just introduced to the wuhuns crashes last week and I love em. Just bought the 18inch and planning on grabbing a 16inch. Did some research and they are made from the same b20 that sabian and zildjian high $ cymbals are made from with a touch of the trashy sound that wuhuns are known for. But half the price!!! A welcomed change for me.!!!!

Talon Knight says:

More body with the Wuhans

sheppfun says:

Yeah,I guess i like more “china” in my crash tones.So Wuhan wins for me.

TheSamurai withnohonor115 says:

it really just depends on the sound you want.You want a higher pitch?Go with sabian.Want lower pitch?Go Wuhan.

Mazurowy says:

Everythings fine, but Sabians Groove Ride wins here ^^

Russian Pickle says:

The Wuhans are super full, rich and dark. The Sabians are too pingy and bright

Jonathan Cazenave says:

Fast Trashy cymbals are in style at the moment. (I dig it) that said, I prefer the Wuhans. BTW, are those the thin Wuhans?

Captain Makarov says:

I actually liked the crunchy sound of wuhans more than sabians.

wmccha says:

good video

Sam Johnson Farani says:

Of course the wuhan brand

James Kline says:

The Sabians sounded better to me on the heavier beat; but, overall, both cymbal sets sounded like crap. Just my opinion.

Eusebio Eduardo Pérez O says:


Liam in YouTube says:


Kean Ong says:

at mt first glance i thought he is benny greb

Brian Exilus says:

wuhan sound better

fiszbounce says:

Sabian never sound good… 😉 They always have a bit of paiste 101 sound 😀

Peter J Newman says:

Wuhans sound great, but I knew they would, Sabians are too bright…

Fiendish Thingy says:

I’m liking the sound of the Wuhans better… maybe just “bad” Sabians… what type of Wuhans are these (most sound like junk)?

vigilhammer says:

Woa! The Wuhans do sound better here. But then again it depends on style of playing.
For Led Zeppelin, i think the Sabians would work well.. but not for Wuhans.

Napstor100500 says:

what is your china?

Bobi d Drummer says:

I like the Wuhans…..

Gretsch Drummer says:

Bearing in mind you could make a dustbin lid sound good with your ability to play, I’m for the Wuhan’s !!




Wuhans won I’m so surprised with them

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