BRad’s Cymbal Reviews – Mangini’s 13″ Cymbal Stack

In this video I test the sound of Mike Mangini’s 13″ cymbal stack. It also shows both cymbals (Zildjian 10″ Trashformer and 13″ Oriental China) played separately. Lastly I compare the stack to the Mike Portnoy Low Max Stax. Hope this helps you cymbal cone conesuers out there!


Jesse says:

The 18″ does well with metal.

Deadbydawn71 says:

That sounds like doo doo

RyoCanCan says:

I love your avatar pic <3 LeviOsa 😉

hellohiholaify says:

can i ask, why do you click 4 times before hitting a cymbal?

drummerman247 says:

lolz at the stick counts haha

Cassius Gaio says:

Where did you buy the zildjian oriental china trash ?

metaldrummer47 says:

I liking Portnoy’s. Got that quick attack and it cuts too. I feel that the MM is too light and got as IN YOURE FACE lol

a.j.m.styles says:

I love the china/crash stacks that Mangini has on his right side. Those are more Max Stax-esque.

troutt222 says:

you prove a point and your really good of a drummer man especially considering all of the covers are dream theatre id really like to see more videos from different bands

Joe Smith says:

Good thing you counted yourself in, otherwise I wouldve been lost

Cr4nium13 says:

That china sounds so fucking good

Luuk Meijwaard says:

probablt because you’re hitting two cymbals on the max stax, the mangini one is basicly just a choked china

LanceCampeau says:

The 13 + trashformer = yummy

Deadbydawn71 says:

1 …..2…….3……..4 LOL!!!!

Cyderaal says:

Stick count? Your idiot? Ahahahah oh god

Lex Estrada says:

sounds like GI sheet

RochaMosher says:

To make you prepare 😛

DrumFuckerFr says:

Amazing china. The stack is perfect also.

BRadsDrumTheater says:

The sleeves are attached to the top clamp piece.

Rifqi says:

You looks like the old version of Dave Days :

FanaticalDrummer says:

Zildjian chinas just suck lol. Just no character or dark undertones. So hollow. One of the main reasons I went with Sabian was their China models. Even the K series sound like thin sheet metal.

Bill Day says:

Shit that stack sounds awesome!

BRadsDrumTheater says:

Well the way I see it, you can do both. Although in my opinion I’d also buy a different 13″ china if all I wanted it for was for a china. To each his own.

BRadsDrumTheater says:

I agree. Neither have that straight up crappy stack sound that you can get from some stacks, but the Max Stax are way more cutting and attacking. I use them differently for different situations.

Mohammad Aziz says:

i like that sound…for being a zildjian:)

Spike Scorcher says:

shira kashi oak sticks?! those are the best!

Troy Clemens says:

what are those things you use to keep the cymbal down? Looks cool

Mark Kahlen says:

Why do you make stick counts if it is just a sound test?

Litter Atus says:

honestly, oriental china zildjian, only as china but max stax is better stack cymbal

Thebiggestbeast111 says:

I’m getting an 18 inch soon. I play Metal, so It does it well.

troutt222 says:

i honestly wouldnt buy an orientle china which is like $164 ans waste it like that

James Bryce says:

Why the f*ck are you counting out time with your sticks?! That was so f*cked.

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