BRad’s Cymbal Review – Portnoy’s Max Stax (Low Set)

This video is a review of Mike Portnoy’s legendary custom cymbal set the Sabian Max Stax. There are three sets a high, a mid and a low for purchase. This review is of the low set made of a 14″ crash and a 12″ china kang. In the video I stack them loos and tight and as hi-hats just for fun. Enjoy!


BRadsDrumTheater says:

I’ve got a 22″ Rock Ride video uploading right now. Keep an eye out! glad these are helping you make up your mind.

75ShadowShooter says:

Good thing you counted yourself in. lol

Infernalord says:

God damn… they look ugly and they sound ugly :O

BRadsDrumTheater says:

I aim to please! 😉

ピピックポテ子 says:


TheFeeez21 says:

hahahahahahahahaa the counting in with the sticks and then the pause and no beat at all really threw me for a loop thats definitely the funniest thing ive seen today thanks!

David S says:

thanks for the review.

BRadsDrumTheater says:

Yes. It just has a different logo.

DrumAllDayy says:

These are awesome! Thanks for the video

CultureShockGaming says:

Sorry but i think these cymbals are just a complete fraud !! the drummer of my band bought these, and they are just terrible, for around 350€  (more than 400 bucks) ! I made better stacks with broken cymbals i cut down and rehammered, way brighter and sharper (for around 30 bucks all the broken cymbals) ! Even the shittiest one made with a brass bottom and stainless steel top sounds better…

Zachary McJagger says:

@Infernalord F***k you! They look and sound great!

Mohammad Aziz says:

can you please do teh 10″ evolution splash and the 22″ rock ride HH>>please!!!

Mohammad Aziz says:

i might be getting teh 8″ 🙂

AudioFrenzy says:

Why did you count in?

marco leung says:

You make the symbal more tighter,it is more less sustain

Alex Grachek says:

I want one! If only they weren’t 300 fricken dollars!!

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