ATV artist Cymbal – Review

The ATV artist cymbals are high-end electronic drum cymbals that are compatible with Roland, ATV and Pearl modules. Watch this review of the aD-C18 to learn more.

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The ATV aD-C18 (& aD-C14 + 16) is compatible with the following modules.

2 zone triggering:
► Roland: TD-3, TD-4, TD-6, TD-8, TD-10

3 zone triggering:
► Roland: TD-9, TD-11, TD-12, TD, 15, TD-17, TD-20, TD-25, TD-30, TD-50, TMC-6
► ATV: aD5, xD3
► Pearl Mimic Pro, 2Box Drumit5 & Drumit3
► Alesis Strike Pro

Trigger Settings TD-30:

– Trigger Type: CY-15R
– Sensitivity: 11
-Rim Gain: 1.1
-The other values are standard CY-15R settings.

Check this video about the ATV cymbals:

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Until now there wasn’t any well-functioning alternative to Roland cymbals available. Even at this moment, the Roland cymbal range is very limited in terms of sizes and forms while ATV has recognized the demand for e-drum cymbals in all shapes and sizes from small too big. It is finally possible to configure an electronic drum set with the cymbal sizes of your acoustic counterpart and therefore to have a more realistic electronic drumming experience.
Not only do those cymbals come in a great variety, but also with a nice design. They look good from above and from underneath. No weird colours, no strange design features, just a decent looking piece of gear.
They come at a certain price, but if you are searching for the best of the best in terms of electronic cymbals apart from Roland, you end up with ATV cymbals.


Trash .Boat says:

Do they have a similar hi-hat? I hate electronic hi-hats

João De Paula says:

NIce Man!

Brian Mealer says:

Great review!

SiREN2173 says:

Wow haha we released similar vids on the same day lol great work man. I really appreciate the more scientific approach in your vids. Now I will check for dents lol I don’t think I have any?

Yannick Müller says:

Do you use the Audio Technica ATH M50x? I’m searching for good Headphones for my Roland td 25…:)

Seb B. says:

Try out pintech. They make 16 inch crashes and 18 inch rides. Not as nice as this one, but a 3 zone 18 inch ride with choke is less than $170

imwatchinya says:

Good review bud!

I have the atv cymbal set & after using “Mothers VLR” there is very little stains/marks when i play.

demonocus metalocus says:

Very good review

Marko Marković says:

Great review! ATV is the new king of the hill regarding e-cymbals

James Swallow says:

I was waiting on this! Thanks.

drageben says:

I’m thinking of converting an acoustic drumkit i have i’m thinking of using triggera intrigg triggers, Remo silentstroke, this cymbal, triggera d14 china and modules, cymbals (cy8) and called i have also buying extra stands for china and ride and using the goedrum hihat controller

rabettle says:

so positional sense DOES work – awesome. why did you adjust the mixer to reduce the edge sound level instead of decreasing rim gain on the trigger setting? I’m curious as I have a TD-25 and don’t have that mixer setting but do have rim gain. thanks for the review!

MarkuzP66 says:

Nice. Review Marcel! It matches my personal experience with my atv kit 100%. At the moment my ATV Ride is sent back to drumtec because the bow trigger is not working after six month of use:-( Hopefully this is not the common case….

Dale Frederick says:

Vdrum tips is the Atv cymbal line compatible with the Yamaha DTX multi 12 as shown in the video 8:47

Rushfan2112 says:

Can you do a review with this new ride cymbal, this module and a VST and how it responds please?

MGbs says:

“I increased the sensitivity slightly to make it more sensitive.” Seems legit.

Jonathan O'Neill says:

Great review, really thorough

kunns123 says:

What is this, bad unboxing?

Steven Kipping says:

I asked this question on another site so sorry about the
multiple post and maybe this question is rhetorical but…


I am interested in replacing my Roland CY-15R (I’m having some limited triggering issues – it works but not perfect).  The ATV AD-C18 sounds like it should be first on my list.   However I am very space limited.  Therefore I’m considering the 16-inch cymbal.   I have a couple questions:
1.)  Except for size does the 16” perform the same or very similar to the 18”?2.)  It’s been noted elsewhere that ATV’s sizes are a bit exaggerated (i.e., 18-inch is actually 17
¾” or less, 16-inch 15 ¾”).  I checked my Roland CY-12C, CY-13R, & CY-15R cymbals and each of them is exactly as Roland states – namely 12”, 13” and 15”.  Can anyone verify if ATV actually exaggerates their cymbal sizes?  If so, to me that really says something about integrity. I’m still very interested just disappointed in overstatements.

Mike Luke says:

Very helpful, thanks for this review. Sooner or later, I’ll probably go the ATV way, especially keen to check out their hats. BTW: You are probably the only drummer in the world who is concerned about the looks of an e-cymbal underneath 😉

ColdfacekillerJr CFK says:

I can’t wait til China cymbal comes out

Fatih Yıldız says:

what is song that’s played in the end? it sounds really nice

Aubrey Rex says:

Kit toys for the win!

Alejandro Alvarez says:

A new vid!!!

PurplEDC Reviews says:

I honestly would not accept a denting cymbal even if it was still working fine afterwards. I mean, If I buy a very expensive electric car and Tesla told me that my car dents a hell of a lot easier than other teslas, but not to worry, other customers are getting perfect products and that my car still works well otherwise, id run him over with the thing while simultaneously asking if they are fucking crazy. Now, if ATV let you keep that cymbal and that helped influence your decision to shift your perception that’s fine. I cant fault you. I don’t see it as a bribe or you compromising for the sake of a product sample. such gestures go a long way to change a persons perception of a company if not the product itself in some way. If you had to send the cymbal back and simply got to experience that cosmetically defective gear can still work properly most of us know that. But we shouldn’t have to accept it simply because that is the case. Defective is defective whether cosmetic or not. It boils down to this. The cymbal is designed to be hit, and hit often right? right. It only effects a small margin of people right? right. And they admit the majority of this product don’t suffer this odd effect. But ATV wants a pass because its not all of them and its only cosmetic? Sorry. Not swallowing that pill no matter how much sugar is on it. Now if ATV is replacing every single cymbal with a different unit free from this anomaly then I’m all good with it. They can sell the defects as factory second B stock. What they cant do is put a candy shell on a piece of shit and convince me its an M&M.

Astronaut2005 says:

Nice review! Excellent and beautiful kit! And I’m a big fan of your channel. Cheers.

Beau 1 says:

I’ve had this cymbal for about 3mon now. I agree w/your review. I play on Roland crashes, td15 and a A-E set. The atv ride is a tiny bit louder but good. ride feels most realistic. Worth the $$$!

famitory says:

“it is finnaly possible to configure your e-drums to match your acoustic cymbal sizes”
[looks over at my 27″ sheet metal flat ride]

65 Drums says:

Great overview, I really like the way my ATV hihats feel, very high quality. I also have small dents on it, but it’s hard to even take a photo of them because of how small they are.

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