ALL The Low Volume Cymbals On The Market

There are A TON of low volume acoustic cymbals out there. It’s not just Zildjian L80s anymore! Here are all the ones I could find, ranked.

Zildjian Gen16 (version 1 and 2 sound comparison)

Sabian Quiet Tone VS Zildjian L80 Sound Comparison

Drum-Tec Comparison (Agean VS L80 Vs Gen16)

Chang Sound Example

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Red Cobra 7 Days to Die says:

Why would you butcher a perfectly good cymbal?

Peter H says:

can we get a quote coming from apple material (either ad, or keynote, or whatever material) that shows they’re pretending they were the first one to create a smart watch? (or something). I’m now

Solaire of Astora says:

I like how the video concluded with, “They don’t sound tinny and awful like the low volume cymbals.”

ThrashNathan 666 says:

Thankyou for this video

matenorth sall says:

These Jobeky low vol are a joke. I bought a ride and a crash. The bell of the ride doesnt always produce a sound unless you really smack it but still doesnt register all hits. The rubber thing, if removed ,you get serious retrig as it acts as a dumpener. On top of that, they dont pay for return cost lol. Terrible costumer support, they dont reply unless you persist and if they do, they dont take responsibility. Im currently on dispute on paypal with them. They are a joke for treating their costumers like this.

djquest Ryan says:

Are the jobecky compatible with alesis

Karl Hungus says:

That guy with his index finger. Where are my tin snips?!!

chad creamer says:

less metal the higher the price toets makes sense

Christopher Jones says:

Justin- That L sign in Jobecky price is pound sterling, which equals US $1.33. Remember when England split from the EU? Their money went back to the old system of “pound sterling,” which has always been more valuable than a dollar. (BTW, the Euro is now worth US $1.16.) So Jobecky is 33% more expensive than the listed price on their website, including shipping. Exchange rates do make a difference!

Miles Pavon says:

The thing is I bought the l80’s at the end of April, and it’s the start of September now and I already got a crack in my 16” crash which I’m kinda annoyed about, so I think I should get the quiet tone crash cymbal, cos I wanna get something different, as it is cheaper than the others, but I’m still not 100% sure, what would you recommend?

Hates Mushrooms says:

i tried out the sabians and they sound beautiful

420protoman says:

didyou know the guy who created Sabian was Bob Zildjian… i’m pretty sure their families own both companies or something

Daniel Cobos says:

great video

IMPEX IMPORT 2018 says:

i from brazil…..spanish?

Scott Swift says:

I wish you could buy all of the different low volume cymbals individually. Like quite tone I’d like to buy just a crash but I can’t find it, I don’t need another low volume hi hats.

Rex says:

Not my proudest fap

TheStudio49 says:

hey thanks for all the great videos would really like to see a simple conversion video DIY primarily for hi hat and ride THANKS IN ADVANCE

Nicko The Thicko says:

Arborea makes pretty good regular cymbals made from b20 or b8.And their b8 series sounds like a meinl mb8 cymbal.Its not silent but its good.

Elijah Post says:

Taking a moment to say great video. Very informative and well paced. Especially appreciate the intro. You said hi, you said what the video was going to be about, and you jumped into it. No messing around and wasting my time. Subscribed.

The ChrisAmerica Channel says:

The gen 16 series was created to be an electronic/trigger type in the beginning. Once drummers started using them in low volume settings is when the L80’s came out. You get triggers, and software with gen 16. – hence the price mark.

Glitchy Mountain says:

3:15 *PREACH*


For the sound of the silent cymbals,the most important is the quantity and size of the holes,the more holes will have duller sound.And the holes arrange will effect the sonic resonance which can make the sound change.So the more and smaller holes can reduce the noice,not the holes shape and design.This is the most important. And I hve to say this is good video–Chang Cymbals

John Bellino says:

Cool video, thanks! I’m wondering if there are quiet drum heads to pair with the quiet cymbals? I know about mesh heads – but they have no tone whatsoever. What about 50% quieter drum heads???

The Stedwells says:

Great video! Very helpful

Martina Bendel says:

Thans, this is great. I found Sabian FRX is interesting. Agean sounds good, but I found this: many problems with flaws and I’m not shure, is agean realy solidly built?

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