$20 Walmart Ride Cymbal?!?!!

Monoprice cymbals:

Mics I use:
Snare Top: http://amzn.to/2fIxjcc
Snare Bottom: http://amzn.to/2eCHj49
Rack: http://amzn.to/2eCDTy8
Floor: http://amzn.to/2esqntN
Kick: http://amzn.to/2eCzLOO





PO Box 4791
Glen Allen Va. 23060


Dirty Dan says:

Is anyone else amazed that Walmart sells cymbals?

gaboogablah says:

Sounds much better than the Sabian hhx crash i returned because it sounded like a metal plate not a cymbal. It was the worst cymbal I’ve ever tried in 45 years.

Mr. Bread says:

The sad thing is that my $60 Menil HCS ride sounds just like that.

Owloalex says:

Take this to my local cymbal smith, and for another $100 I’ll have a $500 sounding cymbal! Fantastic!

Simon Oliver says:

For $20 it sounded better than expected. Would be an awesome cymbal to put in a stack.

Dirty Dan says:

4:01 Then you should’ve seen my fill in the pep band the other night.

Edward Spassov élève says:

is it the terrible and floppy ride or the enormous crash

Aidan Patman-Clark says:

Damn… I can’t stand these unisex cymbals… The male ones are the only ones that sound good.

ThBoiRoy says:

You know, I think one thing we’ve looked over is that the cymbal had a list price of $139.65, so it sounds like that price range. An absolute STEAL on Dave’s part lol. I wish I would’ve snagged one of these when they were listed on Wal-Mart. Now the only Monoprice cymbals I can find are a pair of hi-hats on Walmart. I suppose Monoprice stopped making cymbals, which is a shame.

thumperpaul says:

It doesn’t sound bad at all, really. More of a hybrid crash/ride IMO

jazzsnare says:

I liked that lick near the end, using the hi-hat, snare and toms. Nice close!

WaleraRigid says:

Now we know real price of top b20 cymbals

Mannraj Singh says:

i want that cymbal where can i get one??

Logan Coppock says:

Dude if that wasn’t a unisex cymbal, I wouldn’t have got it…

That Dude says:

Goodbye zildjian

Isa's Happy Hour says:

I can’t find this cymbal anywhere.

TheStudioDrummer says:

After several google searches, I no longer believe this cymbal ever existed. *Great CGI* “rdavidr” If that is your REAL Name!

Patriot American USA says:

Damn,That cymbal actually has a good sound and cutting sound. Sounds crisp. For 20 bucks. Cant beat that!!

Mrcastleskeep says:

Hammer it! It’s really not bad but it was so cheap it’s worth it to see if a little bit of modification can make it a little more complex sounding.

DankTard says:

actually sounds really nice lmao

Saccarappa Recording Studios says:

It sounds just like a 20″ ride I used to own years ago, a Wuhan 20″ ride cymbal, should sound way lower but it’s so bright, not bad for a19.5″ cymbal though

Steven Mackie says:

Overtones for days. Stick some rivets in that thing.

UC Vibes says:

It sounds like a good crash cym. I have to admit I was surprised.

Jeremy Thompson says:

Kinda looks like the one they sell at Thomann. http://www.thomannmusic.com/millenium_20_b20_ride.htm

Ich Und Nicht Du says:

Sounds better than my Paiste Alpha Rock crash which cost 230 dollars

Cole Baylom says:

Were you the camera man

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