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Here’s my review of the 20″ Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Crash!
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This is one of my oldest cymbals on the kit and it has really held up! This is the perfect crash to take a song, fill, or beat to the next level. Seriously it’s a monster. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Michael Drummer Pinkelman says:

‘medium’ i call it large to me, but still one of the best sounding crashes ive ever heard

Pablo Arango says:

great crash, Gabe, I´m not really fussy with Crashes as I am with Rides and Hi hats, Can´t complain about this crash, great review, congrats!

Thomas Gabbini as Elvis official says:


Matthew Parsons says:

That’s one of the best 20″ crashes I’ve heard.

Sparky The Dog says:

Love these review videos. Keep it up gabe

Jmob T Raw says:

sweet I was just looking at the 20in byzance & the 20in byzance traditional crahes they have it used for 200!!!!!

JDizzleFoShizzle says:

Honestly, one of the best cymbals I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Opens up beautifully.

Camron Robb says:

Holly cow! That sounds amazing!!! I just bought my first thin crash last week. I love it, I wonder how this would sound with it. Btw always love the comic wall 🙂

Juan Bedón says:

I don’t have any good cymbals yet, but I’ll definitely get some Meinl’s. I agree with you, that crash is a monster. The stack I liked the most was the one with the broken Zildjian on top.

Nice video, nice review, and that end made me laugh haha ✌

Mads Mølhede says:

I love your videos!! keep it up! 🙂

2021brynnm says:

I have a question! I am a beginner drummer and I am left handed. Like any other drum kit, my hi-hat and snare are on the left side, but I play the hi-hat with my left hand and and my snare with my right hand instead of the other way around. Does this matter, or should I start reversing it? Please let me know, thanks! Great channel!

Frus77sh says:

I also have the same cymbal! Sounds beautiful by itself and also with my 20″ Mb20 heavy crash. It was my first 20″ crash as well, and once I put it on my kit, it stayed as my main crash.

Ich Und Nicht Du says:

I’m gonna get the 22″ version. I like to go BIG!

AR Drummer says:

Cool review! I just started using a 20″ medium Wuhan ride as a crash. Sounds pretty good but it’s taking time to get used to crashing a heavier cymbal. I mainly use 16″ crash cymbals to the weight of the 20 is pretty different 🙂

Miguel Gutierrez says:

YES! I got mine about 6 months ago! It’s been a dream! Great to use as a ride too!

Ruben Spoolder says:

dude, what happend to the a custom?! i have one of those and i definitely dont want that to happen… tho it does sound amazing as a stack 😉

Δημήτρης Ντίρο says:

What do you think about having an inverted bell on a ride cymbal ?

Thomas Gabbini as Elvis official says:

its really good i used to have one ☺

Ariel Ayala says:

men, I’m crying because of how beautiful that cymbal is in every way

Eilam Pniel says:

Wow good review! This is probably one of the best crashes i have seen how much does it cost ?

Sam Edits says:

I’m thinking about getting a 19″, it might just get the extra washiness off and make it the one for me..!

Greg Williams says:

What is your mic and speaker pieces? Sounds good

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