Yamaha YCL-221 Low Eb Bass Clarinet — REVIEWED!

Here you go, internet. Thanks to Yamaha for letting me borrow this horn!


Nathan Hogg says:

(If possible) could you review one of those cheap low C bass clarinets from China? I’d love to see how awful they are, and I haven’t seen an in-depth review of any of them

Nathan Poole says:

I have played this model for a few years. The 12th key on the back is an absolute nightmare – the only thing I can fault the instrument for, but it is a pretty big nightmare no less. I have had multiple instrument technicians look at it but it always goes back to the way it was.

Nick Karpin says:

I had one and it was pretty disappointing tbh, and I usually love yamaha stuff! The register key drives you insane and really holds you back. I ended up selling it thinking that if you really wanna play bass clarinet just save forever and get a pro model.

guy? says:

Tut tut not an octave key

Konnor Byrd says:

I have one of these clarinets and have used it for my schools wind ensemble extensively and the keys have held up wonderfully and the keys are still springy and very responsive

Travis Stromberg says:

I got this bass new for marching band this year, and the register key would ALWAYS get stuck down. But otherwise it is so good for marching band or any sort of outdoor use. I never experienced any response issues even while marching out in cold weather either. It’s quite a solid horn.

Ronald Brunette says:

I purchased this instrument about a year ago, except for needing an adjustment on the upper/lower mechanism interconnect. It has been the best choice for me, because I can’t spend 7 times as much for a Selmer Privilege.

taylor says:

i play the same model in school. i rarely have the issue with the register key.

BattleS500 says:

Which do you think is better the Selmer 1430 or this one you reviewed? I am currently torn and don’t know which one to buy. I really liked the case of the Yamaha but the Selmer you mentioned you can play right when you get it out so I don’t know. Thoughts?

Annette Humphrey says:

that’s the exact one I have!

Darth Gamer says:

No. Fricking. Way.

Michael Ventura says:

I’ve used this model for about four years and the worst part by far is the register key. It gets stuck open, stuck closed when you first go to play, and a whole host of other problems.

Ethan Campbell says:

This model is the one I’ve been using the longest, and feels much better than the old student selmer bass clarinets. I used one in middle school, and the register key never really worked 100% of the time. The one that I’m using in high school actually has become a good register key. I use it like 5 times more and with use, it becomes more responsive. It took about 6 months for the key to become responsive. This would not he ideal if I were buying my own but for a school instrument it is pretty good

Michael P. Dawson says:

I bought this bass clarinet a couple of years ago and one of those rubber o-rings broke the second time I put the instrument together. Looked at the Yamaha website for a replacement and the part was not in stock. So I found an ordinary o-ring of the right size in the plumbing department at Ace Hardware and it fit perfectly, and has been in place ever since. Cost me 72 cents.

Naeche Anamege says:

Should I switch to bass clarinet, After playing for 1.5 years?

Mariah Masters says:

i have that bass clarinet and i’m in 6th grade i’ve been playing since 4th grade but i love ❤️ watching u

Samuel Gimenez says:

Dude… I just love your videos!

robertastruck says:

I purchased one of these a little over a year ago. I’ve played a soprano clarinet for 50 years. I love this bass and love the tone up to the break. From my 3rd line b up to about g (at the top of the staff not high) have a strained sound to me, not as open as I would like. I’m not blaming the horn. It doesn’t sound like you do when playing it:). I’m thinking it is mostly my emboucher, or a combination of that, mouthpiece, reed, etc., probably mostly me though and I would probably have the same issue with the best bass in the world. Do you have any tips that I might try for improved tone in that area? Also I love your videos. Thanks.

Nahtanoj Enotsylb says:

I’ll find a used one and pay 400 for it

braxen b says:

My bass clarinet has the o rings on the bottom joint and there is a small struggle when i put the bell on but its ok

Ben Olson says:

I’ve used a Yamaha student bass for 2 years now. Its a school instrument that’s about 8 years old. To this day I have to unstick the register key CONSTANTLY! I’m also very surprised how in-tune your is.

marvelboy74 says:

Ha! The Super Friends! Great job on the vid.

Kasper Herløv says:

I recently purchased this horn as well. I love the case, though some extra space for music and accessories would be nice.
But crossing the break feels really hard, and I also don’t like the ligature and the mouthpiece. I saw this on my YCL-255 as well. I upgraded to Vandoren Optimum ligature and a Black Diamond mouthpiece, and I’m now really happy with it. As a beginner, I feel very good about having purchased this horn. Well worth the money.

jon ciobanu says:

Nice review. If you get a chance could you review the Allora AABC-304 low C bass clarinet? It’s the cheapest one on the market.

Joshua Withers says:

TaKe YoUr InStRuMeNt tO yOuR DeAlEr FoR a RePaIr.

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