What about the A-flat Clarinet?

I answer your questions about the A-flat Piccolo Clarinet


Tony Rod says:

Is there such a thing as the Piccolo Oboe?

Bret Newton - Composer says:

I apologize for my poor Eefer playing. In retrospect, I probably should have left it out.

Ιάσονας Λαζαρίδης says:

Where can I buy one?

pukalo [CDN] says:

About the high G clarinet, a German company called Wurlitzer produces a high G clarinet.

Baritone Saxophone says:

I would love to see an high A Clarinet a octave above the A clarinet

Kaylee Adams says:

Where were you able to play an a flat?

shadrickwilliams says:

LA Ripamonti in Milan makes the A-flat clarinet. I bought one from them years ago.

Leonard W says:

Looking for this video for a long time!

pukalo [CDN] says:

I’ve seen a clarinet pitched in E natural, one semitone above the E-flat clarinet.

Jack Doherty says:

If you know of him, Samuel Andreyev has a piece on his YouTube channel, Verifications that makes use of an Ab clarinet. He really likes the instrument.

Lukas R says:

Goody day, Mr Newton and an interesting video as always. Although I’m from Austria, I had actually never heard of the a-flat clarinet before you mentioned it in an older video. As far as I have experienced, even e-flat clarinets are rather rare in more rural areas. In Vienna though, you can expect to see probably every (woodwind) instrument you can imagine, like for example the MDW, where I hope to one day study classical saxophone, owns the whole range from soprillo down to contrabass saxophone and they even have (german system) bassethorns.

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