Unboxing the Monoprice Bb Clarinet with Jim and Carter

Carter and I unbox a pair of Monoprice clarinets that I purchased for $30USD each. Come for the review; stay for the jazzy duet at the end.

UPDATE (Oct. 17, 2017): I didn’t intend on giving out all three clarinets to my beginner students, but things happen and, well, all three clarinets are being used (I had wanted to have one or two as spares, in case things happened). We are a good 5-6 weeks into our band program and so far the clarinets are holding up. Having said that, my one clarinetist showed me the instrument and the bridge key was super bent. Okay, that can happen if they are not careful, but what surprised me was how easily I was able to bend it back in place. Yikes. Let’s hope she is careful from now on. I don’t know how many bent/bent-backs it can take. But once I fixed it, HOLEE, could she make a great sound on the instrument.


Ben Strait says:

I always tell parents to get a “beater” guitar to try out before going and shelling out a lot of money for something really good. Fortunately it’s very easy to find a fair sounding and playing guitar for next to nothing. It’s so much harder to find a clarinet for that same amount. You’ve convinced me that this Monoprice is worth giving a shot. Hopefully we won’t regret it instantly and hopefully it makes it through a year. By that point, we’ll know if our kid loves it or hates it and that will make it worth every cent. Thanks for the review both on the Monoprice website and here. And thanks for finishing out the video with some terrific jazz. Bad instruments in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing always sounds better than the instrument deserves. 🙂

charles norris says:

Awsome to watch. Great info. Thanks you guys.

OneWithWolves says:

Is It small?

Jayjay moultrie says:

I just bought one lol !!!

Jayjay moultrie says:

what type of reed besides Rico ,Is good for beginners?

Crystal Mallory says:

The issue I see with this instrument though, is the price has now gone up to $110 on Amazon, and no repair shops would fix it. So I’d rather buy a used Bundy…..people sell those quite often on eBay and Kijiji….actually found a brand new one on Kijiji for $50. They aren’t made anymore so it was neat to find a brand new one.

S Breakingbury says:

Thank you for unpacking & reviewing the Mono Price Clarinet. Coincidentally enough before seeing this video, I recently bought one on sale which is yet to arrive. I have bought items from MP before and found the quality to be quite good especially for price. The intent was a beginner grade 7 instrument and seems as though it will be a good start for US$35. It does sound that there is some potential for minor quality variances & hopefully mine will be as good as can be expected for the price. There is the option of buying a mouth piece. At the very least, if this doesn’t work out for class or getting started, one can still rent an instrument. Also enjoyed the musical ending.

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