Unboxing My New Backun Lumière Clarinet

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Léon Pluymaekers says:

Really nice presentation. Quick, no nonsense and informative. Enjoy your new clarinet!

pukalo [CDN] says:

Holy shit you guys are in Calgary?? I’m in Edmonton!

Jeroy Lai says:

Nice clarinet !

bobwas4066 says:

Congratulations, looking forward to hear you play

VictoriaNicoleGL20 says:


Andrea Fantuzzi says:

Beautiful look on that one!

Stephen Ian Savage says:

The clarinet looks stunning! I would love to try (and have the money) for one!

Maja Pechanach says:

It’s so beautiful omg

Eduardo Barboza says:

Beautiful clarinet! Cant wait to hear it

sectumsempra712 says:

Looks beautiful!

Dan Pearson says:

I prefer the look of silver keys over gold, but I’m fascinated by the cocobolo color. It gives it a vintage look!

Cristian Alfaro says:

Backun clarinets are beautiful!

Gregory Clemens says:

I always look on Unboxing as a Celebration! Congratulations, Sean!

E W says:

Keep your fucking shirt.

Diana Cawthorn says:

So beautiful! Congratulations Sean! Can’t wait to hear you play it!

Nyanna Ragsdale says:

I like that clarinet

Instrument Guy says:

I love the look of that clarinet. My Normandy clarinet is coming on the 23rd. Loved the video!

Mark Bernard says:

I want that clarinet sooooo bad! But I have an R13 Wich is still really great.

pmwizard48 says:

That is one gorgeous clarinet. Love the gold keys.

plothrop says:

so nice Sean, can’t wait to hear you play it!

Samuel Gimenez says:

oh my… you really did the unbox….
Great, make more videos like this. Loving your work as always! And congratulations for the new clarinet, want to hear the sound soon.

Sili Pang says:

The most important, how’s its sound and intonation??

Manuel Rosales says:

I’ve played this clarinet once it was perfect

Samuel Popjak says:

Beautiful clarinet

SuperReeseP says:

There’snow way I can afford that.. Imma stick to my Lumiere barrel

Misty Raney says:

How exciting! It’s beautiful!

clarinetkitten says:

awesome clarinet ! I, too, own a BACKUN (different model) with cocobolo wood & black nickel keys – I LOVE my Backun and wouldn’t play anything else ! *Don’t you LOVE LOVE LOVE the color?? Everyone is always asking me about mine <3

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