Trying Out The New Buffet “Divine” Clarinet (HD upload)

This instrument has been a real joy to get to know…I’ve played it several times, in both New York and Tokyo, and I really, really like it. So much so that I’m having to reconsider my lifelong stance about not playing Buffet clarinets. 🙂 In addition to the video demo, look for a written review on my blog, at 🙂 Thanks for watching, y’all!


Arthur Broekman says:

Really for this kind of money you can buy a handmade German reformbohm. It’s not better than a prestige clarinet. It is the limmit the French can build. Go on holliday to Germany and buy a real clarinet, they invented the thing. To little clarinet for to much.

NimaTV Filmproduktion says:

Have you ever tried played a Schwenk und Seggelke clarinet? They are producing some of the most innovative clarinets in Bamberg (Germany) and I wondered what its like to play one of them…

Reuben Allan says:

Oh my gosh this is beautiful and it’s only a test!

Zachary Lacanlale says:

Great playing! May I ask what mouthpiece and ligature you use?

Arthur Broekman says:

Al the German Clarinet builders and most of them students of Wulitzer who also build the reform bohm.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

From what I’ve heard I pretty much prefer the tone out of the Tosca and Festival clarinets. This one sounds like it lacks positive resistance. 

Oleks Babich says:

which mouthpiece are using? or is it the stock one for the video purposes?

Eric Yoo says:

Just a question, but have you done a video on the buffet tosca? I heard in the video that the “Divine” is the best of its kind and the same with the Tosca.

HorrorFilmsGalore says:

I love all of your videos! I’d like to see more videos like this. Quick question, do you know when the Divine will be available to the public? I’ve seen some websites say “Available Soon”. Just curious.

Sabato Morretta says:

Listen to my video in Italian, when I try the new barrel “ICON” of Buffet Crampon

Sabato Morretta test barrel for clarinet, the Buffet Crampon ICON

Arthur Broekman says:

The Buffet are more expesive in the U.S. than in Europe. The RC is in some bands the standard instrument over here. Here Wulitzer has competion from his students.Leitner & Kraus are the most well known, but there are more.

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