The best $2,000 Bass Clarinet? Selmer 1430lp reviewed.

I take a look at the Selmer 1430lp, a student-model Low Eb bass clarinet that retails for just over $2,000.


Anonymous Vlogz says:

I have the same type of bass clarinet at school. It is a Selmer, but it also has the word “Bundy” on it. Also,some if the low notes,particularly in the low B-flat to the low G,doesn’t resonate very well. The low B-natural is the worst of them all. Can you tell me why that is and how I can fix it if possible?

cool edgy teenager says:

A feature I’ve noticed across all the student bass clarinets with the one piece neck (leblanc, yamaha) is a tendency for the left hand B and C to ‘pop’ a touch more than the surrounding notes.

You can play altissimo D by just overblowing an open G on these instruments, seeing as using the register key only doesn’t work. Overblowing a throat G# works for altissimo D#, and so on until throat Bb for altissimo F.

Gonçalo Ferreira says:

Hey speaking from the Azores, middle of the Atlantic, Portugal, big fan! What’s your experience with selmer mouthpieces for bass clarinet (mainly the Focus /Concept)?

Richard Migneron says:

Hi Michael, from the conn-selmer site, the body is ABS (that is plastic).

Chris Montoya says:

How about the Yamaha student model? I have tried one before and I liked it, but I want to know your thoughts…

Austin Briggs says:

Dang, I’m trying to find a a low c bass clarinet for 4,000 or under which is hard lol. Anyone have suggestions?

Ray Zhang says:

have you tried the Uebel Emperor Bass Clarinet? they’re kinda expensive though

rodgrego says:

Was it manufactured in the US or abroad?

Red says:

I’m in high school and our band bought 5 of these for marching season and our entire section hated them because they were too quiet and the metal piece that mounted the peg snapped off on three of them. I don’t know about the rest of them but mine had leaks in a lot of places and made the higher register hard to play in and need three pads replaced because they were not sealing. This was the first year anyone had used them.

loserpiatt says:

Not hard rubber, check your facts

Josiah Hall says:

An amazing video on my birthday! Great review Michael! Also, I just love how he popped out the altissimo notes.

Sam Hackenson says:

I’ve commented this before but WOW you inspire me to start playing bass clarinet. Especially that etude at the end, gorgeous.

choopy says:

Thanks for this great vidieo

The Instrument God says:

My school owns like 10 of these

Ryan Olberg says:

I have a Selmer 1430p. Anyone know what the difference is between the 1430p and the 1430lp?

elisha hancock says:

I have a wooden bass clarinet that says conn

David H. Kinder, ChFC says:

This video looked like a great ad for the Ridenour Bass Clarinet to Eb for about the same price and superior tuning characteristics.

Ethan Dickstein says:

This was my first bass I got to own. I picked it up at a horns of plenty event from music and arts. Ended up getting it for $1,400. Can’t go wrong with that price either!

Tiny-Orange15 says:

Still waiting for a Kessler and Sons Bass Clarinet Review. But this is great regardless.

Jason Tran says:

lmao your just now realizing what we all realized when schools made us use these as “marching horns” resonate chalumeau terrible b and c and that shit octave system, on older models there’s not even 2 so you can’t even play Clarion g a b c

William Bojanowski says:

Those out of tune tuning notes may not be a big problem for a professional, but for young students in a concert band that could be a huge problem. If the director has a section tune up, the director will usually want those notes in tune, and that being done, the rest of the notes will be out of tune.

Lucas Hoffses says:

Before I saw this video, I thought this was a review for a contra-alto clarinet. You should do that, by the way. I think that would be cool.

Nicole J says:

Do you recommend a low C bass clarinet that is under $2,000?

Rocco 22 says:

Could you make a video about the eb clarinet?

Jacob Labovitz says:

I’m wondering what model Selmer Clarinet you use. I have a 10G that my Grandpa had from Selmer Paris

Michael Rasmussen says:

Hopefully Selmer will get back to you about the two note tuning issue.

Sean H says:

All I ask is for the blackbird cover back uploaded

The IntelligentRetard says:

You ignored the ridenour low eb bass clarinet and the Kessler and sons custom bass clarinet
Those are probably alot better than a name brand student model

TheHighTower says:

Do a Kessler C 2nd gen bass review please.

ericdano says:

gee, a selmer sponsored reviewed “honestly”. Uh huh. You should really try and review a bunch then draw conclusions.

James Matheson, Jr. says:

I will add my two cents worth of thoughts here. I have played the Yamaha, Selmer, and Buffet Bass Clarinets. I find that the Yamahas are much easier for me to play in tune and project better than the other two brands. This could be due to my playing a Yamaha Baritone Saxophone for the last 27 years. I wonder how this one here will age. I have not had good luck with older Selmer Bass Clarinets, especially the student models. The keys seem to soften after awhile bending easily. I also think that my experience with Yamaha Saxophones also adds to my lack of comfort with Selmer clarinets in general. They feel weird in my hands compared to the Yamaha Clarinets. I do play an old Selmer Clarinet now, but would trade it for a Yamaha in a heart beat, if I could find one with a large bore like mine. I would have been curious to hear this Bass Clarinet with the stock mouthpiece. I wonder how it would have tuned with the smaller mouthpiece and a stiffer reed. Being smaller than the low C, which is what Mr. Lowenstern plays regularly, I have to wonder if the mouthpiece he is using would work better on a low C Bass Clarinet and if the tuning would have been better starting with the stock mouthpiece. Just a thought.

Greet Xxx says:

What’s the name of the tuning app?

Laser Cat says:

I’m a tenor player….is 2000 cheap for a bass clarinet????

Darth Gamer says:

I knew this one could come eventually… awesome review!



Steven Kieley says:

Great review! Informative AND entertaining as usual, Michael.

I had a mid 1950’s Buffet low Eb bass clarinet that was SUPER sharp on third line B, and slightly sharp on 3rd space C. I solved the B issue by pulling the bell WAY out and having a cork crescent glued into the low Eb tone hole. The trade off was that now the low E became a little flat.

I just purchased a Yamaha 221-II mainly because of the portability. The body breaks into two pieces and the case is about the size of an alto saxophone case. And while it certainly doesn’t play as nicely as my Low C Buffet Prestige, it is really nice, and I will have no issues getting in onto a plane for a gig I have in Austria this summer due to the portability of the case. I have enjoyed playing so much that I do leave out, assembled on the stand for a quick practice session now and again.

Keep up the great work!

Alex Music says:

Eu tenho um clarone baixo da marca conn.

julian ruiz says:

This video was great to watch considering the fact that I own the same instrument. It has served me well in the last 4 years.

Clay Gross says:

I play one of those for school and they don’t hold up to well.

jmwillsey says:

Is it hard rubber, or “ABS” (plastic)? Their website states the latter. Thanks for the review!

Alex Music says:

Pensei que esse instrumento era um vito 7168 pela campana gordinha e pelo mib no corpo do instrumento.

Joseph DeRosa- Clarinet and Saxophone says:

Hey Micheal, thanks for coming and performing at my university last night. I had so much fun meeting you!

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