The $4,000 Bass Clarinet: RS Berkeley BC-314 Reviewed

Having a $12,000 bass clarinet is, well, amazing. But $12 grand is also a downpayment on a house. So I was curious what a $4,000 bass clarinet would sound/feel like. Watch and see.


Im.a.Saxman says:

That low note at 9:26 gave me an orgasm.

Dragons Life says:

It looks like a really big pipe

Primalian Overlord says:

how different is bass clarinet different from b flat soprano clarinet

Alexxyyxx says:

Hello . My name is Alex and i want to ask you a question. I just started to play on bass clarinet . Some tips ? of what should i study ? By the way i am at uny and i am studing there clarinet .

Taizo Arinaga says:

How did you get this?

TheMovieEditor says:

Unless you have played it at least 2 weeks solid of 1-2 hrs per day, this review means nothing compared to the horn you play every single day

stalker umbra says:

can i like have that for ever

Precision003 says:

What notes were you playing while you were practicing? It sounded really nice (even though you were just testing the noise. 4:29-4:35

Philip McDonald says:

1 “the irony of it, it’s harder to play a student instrument than a professional instrument.”
With respect to the instrument, it’s harder to be a student than a professional. It’s only natural that a student should use a lesser instrument than his master, and in overcoming and even embracing the shortcomings of the student’s (first) instrument uniquely inform his approach, technique, and style.

It also helps one to appreciate things of higher quality once one has experienced lesser goods.

Harald Reinhart says:

Great demonstration – couldn’t agree with you more: a top-notch instrument not only sounds better but is also easier to play!

Lilio Camere says:

Hi Mr. Lowenstern, would it be feasible to do a video covering some of the basics of the contrabass clarinet and how its implemented?

Deatherman102 says:

yeah now bass clarinets can play the lowest note of the bassoon!!!

Bailey Waggoner says:

when u play the bass clarinet, is it harder to blow than a clarinet or is it like the same

Doostin O Double says:

Saxophone master race

Le Koolaid Master says:

im gonna play base clarinet soon and im really happy

MrBetterHomes says:

I know your channel is about bass clarinet but I play contra alto clarinet and I can’t find a expert like you for contra alto, can you make a video about contra alto

reid2hai says:

Bass clarinet makes the most glorious sound!

Bob Bly says:

I play clarinet and baritone sax and now I want a bass clarinet OR a bass sax; cannot decide which….

zebra3stripes says:

What are the major differences in design and materials between your new custom Selmer and the professional model that anyone can buy?

nathan carpenter says:

It is probably made of “Chineseum” as Trent Hamilton says

Hoai Phuong Nguyen says:

Thanks for the review. What do you think about this one compared to Yamaha YCL-221? Of course I know the first difference is this one a low-C instead of low-Eb of the 221. I just mean quality wise.

Ben Keuth says:

I’m not the best at determining whether a bass clarinet is student level or professional level. Which level would Vito be at? I’m confused

Ruslan Kashyrtsev says:

Nice review, thanks!

James Cutter says:

Have you reviewed the Kessler Bass Clarinet? It is a $2395 low C bass Clarinet. I am curious about what you think about it.

Yilmerdaniel Albornoz Rojas says:

mmm..maestro que tan buena es la boquilla selmerc**

ゴマ団子 says:


Bender Rodriguez says:

nice black saxophone.

Earth Ninja says:

This is just a question, When do you usually get low C extensions on school Basses? I really want a c extension for some reason.

Elyakum Getzl Silverman says:

What model is that selmer?

B J Perez III says:

Have you reviewed Tom Ridenour’s low C Bass Clarinet? I am interested in your thoughts on it.

Mac Tek says:

If you played trumpet you wouldn’t be having all these difficulties. Just say’n.

Agent Malvo BTM says:

I have a $2,100 Yamaha bass clarinet and it’s amazing

Kastin4Dayz says:

can you please do a review of the ridenour lyrique low c bass clarinet?

Albano The Madman says:

…is it just me or is this pretty much the exact same clarinet as the ridenour lyrique. Not trolling, but I just watched the Lyrique video….getting a sense of deja vu. What did you think?

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