The $2,900 Bass Clarinet: Ridenour Lyrique 925c Reviewed

So Tom Ridenour wasn’t taking my calls or emails, so I went out and BOUGHT one of his horns MYSELF so I could review it. Bwahahahahah. Check it out.


ASA Gamer says:

im thinking in start playing bass clarinet … i play clarinet Bb since 5 years ago and i dont know where to buy one, id im able to play one etc…
im from Portugal

Austin Holman says:

Kessler and Sons custom low c bass clarinet?

Kristoffer Strid says:

Is there any possibility for a new gear wars, featuring cases? I don’t know many brands that make bass clarinet cases, except for BAM, Soundwear and Wiseman.

Håkon K says:

The critique I see everywhere about the Ridenour clarinets is that the keywork is bad.

Shelby Hudgins says:

I play on this exact bass clarinet for chamber music & have had no problem with it except the ligature. It makes my sound so cheesy & it doesn’t let me resonate that well. :/

Ivan santos Perez says:

Can you give the link to the bass clarinet you bought?

Orlando Pimentel says:

Thank you for your time and wisdom! You are a good man. That instrument is a very good option. What about the mouthpiece that comes with it? Thanks.

Jose Ignacio Campos says:

Great Shirt!!!

Michael Rasmussen says:

Have to admit the first thing I did after watching was go to the basement, dig out the Lyrique 925e I bought in November 2008 and give the case a good shake. Nothing rattled or seemed to budge.

David Penner says:

Do you have a spectrum analyzer on your music player? I think always cool to look at when listening, especially solo music.

Mike Hawk says:

I don’t even play any type of clarinet and this channel is in my opinion one of the best on Youtube

Ice Ice says:

what do u think about the selmer 1430 u can find on ebay

Clarineat says:

Great video. I would love to try this too, but almost impossible to find in Canada. Going to have to wait for our $$ to correct itself too.

Professa_252 says:

Gonna start saving up for one of these.

Elias Alcantara says:

aqui no Brasil não tem ninguém que dicas e ensine técnicas no clarinete baixo igual ao senhor professor sou músico iniciante pena q sei pouco o seu idioma abraços e parabéns seus ensinamentos e dicas

Leslie Craven says:

Many people play the RCP Bass to low C and I have to admit the earlier versions had key work made of metal that could easily bend but the later versions have been much improved and provided they are treated with care and respect the RCP Bass will last a long time – here is another review from a pro player who is delighted
Earspasms review is fair but the warning he later posted is not necessarily relevant to the latest versions and I think many of the 25 people who wrote in would be suprised that several hundred maybe thousands have not written in as they are happy with their horns.

Bender Rodriguez says:

why aren’t you using circular breathing ?

Atomic NRG says:

Have you ever thought about doing a masterclass on Ballade by Eugene Bozza?

r100curtaincall says:

Pretty nice bass for its cost! I have an old 20s buffet that needs a new case, but due to it having an odd sized bell it’ll be a pain to do.

Awesome Gaming says:

Mike, one ultra big question for you. B flat or other specialty clarinets?

ThyLordRoot says:

I played bass clarinet many years ago and was curious how much it might cost me to get back into it (I always played a loaner when I was in band). I am happy to say that I found this review to be extremely instructive and objective review, and will try to remember this if I come across the funds to purchase a new instrument (particularly since I’ve never played a Low-C clarinet before). You’ve earned yourself a subscription, sir!

Andrey Okhrimets says:

Warning, Ridenour clarinets are poorly made, at adjustment just sucks, my friend spend alsmost 2K on repairs during study. And hated bass clarinet to point, that he want throw it away 🙂


Between this and the YAMAHA YCL221, what do you recommend? I am a sax player at church and want to give bass clarinet a try. Thanks again for a GREAT channel!

Matt Putnam says:

Nice review! I have one of these, and people frequently mistake it for a much nicer instrument.

I use the original case, and I was able to just hot glue a little extra cloth into the slots for the upper and lower joint and get rid of that play.

Stanley Hernandez says:

can you do the song megalovania from undertale please

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