Nuvo Clarineo Overlook and Review

Here I review the Nuvo Clarineo…

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Cynthia Riordan says:

One of my first reactions is that most music for clarinet is written for a B-flat instrument.  Just saying.

MrInitialMan says:

What the clarineo has is something similar to the much-rarer Albert system in the pinky keys, though it retains the Boehm system in the rest of the fingering.

astrog8tr says:

Mark, good video. Did you take lessons on the clarinet? How long have you been playing? I just got the Clarineo. Seems like I’ll have to take lessons to get the embouchure right. Did you hear that you can use a regular Eb mouthpiece with this? Thanks for doing the video.

Green Alpaca says:

Just asking how much is the Nuvo Clarineo

John Roberts says:

Thanks for sharing Mark, you put out some really good videos on YouTube which are clear and easy to follow.

Christian Garibay says:

If you play a (c) on a Bb clarinet you really hear a (d) but other than that good video

boo66 says:

I’ve got an original Lyons clarinet, the predecessor of these. Used as a jamming instrument, taken round muddy festival fields and generally abused. It’s a brilliant tool.. I love how it comes out of the case ready to play, rather than having to be assembled every time like a normal clarinet. It’s been rained on several times and dropped with no damage, both of which would be big trouble for a normal clarinet.

Clarineat says:

Great review thanks for sharing. Just got one of these to try out and am interviewing someone from the company today for my podcast!

One question, what happened to the clarinet on the left?! The B key looks super bent!

Max Clissold says:

Hi Mark…great demo, thanks! Sorry to hear you had probs with your order. Seems there were things missing. Each Clarineo is packed at the factory with a complete fingering chart and 2 plastic reeds. Did you buy second hand? I will happily send you a few reeds and a fingering chart. Contact me thro Nuvo website.

Sporty girl says:


Lia White says:

I thought I would give a bit of advice as to the way you play. The clarinet seems a bit too far out away from your body, I would try to keep it almost straight down. Don’t forget to make sure your feed is very moist before you play and you are doing very well for being self taught. (: ((I’m mainly a bassoon player but I also play clarinet and saxophone on the side))

Andy.C says:

Nice review, thanks.

AlanSturgess says:

About £95.00 for anyone who’s interested.
As for the sound – I wasn’t too keen. The LittleSax sounds better for anyone looking for a cheap but unusual ‘woodwind’ instrument.

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