Mendini clarinet final review

Sorry the lighting is really bad! I wish i had the clarinet with me sadly I did not so I won’t be showing you it’s current condition.


paolo toribio says:

I have one its actually pretty good but the reed that came with it is broken and the that come with the clarinet suck I recommend getting rico reeds

Alexis Rivera says:


Louis Doherty says:

Plastic clarinets aren’t exactly bad, it’s more about the quality of mouthpiece and reed. Almost all bass clarinets are ebonite or some sort of composite. My Tosca R13 might be the best clarinet money can buy, but the mouthpiece that comes with it is TERRIBLE. I’ve been using Vandoren 5RVs my entire career, and they have the best response and balance of all the mouthpieces I’ve tried. That being said, different people have different embouchures and mouths, so try out as many as possible. Also, try to avoid the Alto and Contrabass clarinets until you are in college or high school. They are very demanding instruments.

Louis Doherty says:

Never buy a clarinet off the internet. Go to your local music shop. They will have quality horns, and they are experts on setting you up with the proper horn. It will be pricey, but it is worth it. If you can’t spend that much on one, ask your band director if he/she has one you can borrow. Please don’t buy any clarinet on the internet that isn’t from a reputable manufacturer. Also, if you are switching to bass clarinet, be prepared to carry it to and from school. It is considerably heavier than a soprano clarinet. Good luck with your playing!

Nicholas Wiewiora says:

Yah, Kara Johnson that’s true. Lucky you have an R13. I don’t have the money for one so I bought an E11, which is still very nice. There’s no way I’d take it out to marching band. (I don’t have to worry about that anymore though lol.) And yah, Buffet B12 or if you can get a Leblanc Vito Resotone or some Yahama or Selmer.

Kara Johnson says:

I wouldn’t recommend “staying away from plastic clarinets”. Maybe very cheaply made plastic clarinets but anyone who plans to do marching band or pep band needs a plastic clarinet. Also, a wooden clarinet will break due to cold, not a plastic one. You can crack a wooden clarinet. Since it is wood it changes with the temperature. I don’t think any beginner should start on a wooden clarinet because they are very fragile and you really need to know how to take care of an instrument first if you are going to buy something that expensive. If you need a nicely made plastic clarinet (which is what it sounds like to me) I would recommend Buffet, Yamaha, Selmer, or Backun. They are more expensive but they are very durable and very well constructed instruments. I have a Buffet B12 (plastic) and a Buffet R13 (wooden professional model) and my R13 is much much more difficult to take care of. You have to be very careful with them to avoid cracks and crack repair is NOT cheap. 
I’ve been playing clarinet for almost seven years now, and I will always always keep a plastic clarinet for marching/pep band or any other situation where a wooden clarinet is just not appropriate. 

MrPumpkinMan says:

Dont listen to the haters

Littlericky22 aj says:

The reed probably needs to be replaced or you didn’t put the reed on correctly

Lexis Mimms says:

I have a mendini clarinet and it works just fine.The reeds are absolute rubbish but other than that the mendini clarinet is a pretty good clarinet, even if it is plastic. Oh and If your clarinet isn’t making any sounds try changing the reeds (that is if you used the reeds that came with it)

Kara Johnson says:

Nicholas, I only got my R13 because my grandfather died and left me his home so I used some of that money to get an R13. E11s are wonderful. I actually wanted an E11 but I’m doing music in college so I just went on and got an R13. My best friend has an E11 and he usually sounds just as good if not better than me (we have about the same amount of experience), but he also can’t use a very free-blowing clarinet like me so the E11 is actually a lot better for him than the R13. It all depends on you and your particular instrument, they’re both wonderful clarinets though!

Rocio Vela says:

I’m scared I already bought it it’s coming on Friday

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