Mendini Bb Clarinet: REVIEW

This is a step up from your plastic clarinet (even though this is also plastic). This is recommended for the 6th grade band peoples. It is a very affordable, sturdy clarinet.

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PsychoticMudkip says:

Honestly if your looking for a good clarinet all around for any age level look for a used Yamaha clarinet in good condition I got mine for about 75 dollars and it luckily didn’t need any repairs.

Sweet Lemons says:

Buffet Crampon is what someone upgrades to.

Nayi Orona says:

Quick question. I just got mines and im having trouble playing it. I was in band for a long time so I know how to play it. My problem is that when I play it it feels like I have the ligature too tight but its very lose! Did you have the same problem?? DId you have to break it in? I know it was a long time ago since you posted this but I just wanted to know if im the only one having this problem!

Saxophonist Rule says:

I have a glory clarinet

Nyctinus says:

Your playing shows a lot of potential, but your really need to get your technique sorted out. Your fingers are slipping which causes squeaks and also lack of dexterity.

Mark Gaddie says:

1:51 When you know you used too much cork grease.

Tremor Christ says:

this is more for practice, beginning, or a cheap substitute, not for a professional level

The IntelligentRetard says:

this clarinet is garbage

Nancy Sewell says:

If it came with those reeds, then it’s going to sound like that. I should know because I have a RED clarinet from mendini. You need to use RICO REEDS. THEY SOUND SO MUCH BETTER

Yanigiri says:

Is this review ironic?

Mysia's life says:

How many keys it have?

Big Abomb says:

lol it fell apart!

john cena says:

lol Your clarinet is falling apart
and your sound like *****

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