Gear Wars: The Top 6 Bass Clarinet Cases Reviewed

Are you thinking you need a new bass clarinet case? Good. Grab a cup of coffee and watch. Times below:

All cases:
Bam Trekking Case:
Bam High-Tech:
Wiseman Model A:
Wiseman Carbon Fiber:
Reed & Squeak:
Lomax HumidiPro:


Jim Scimonetti says:

Thank you. I have a Yamaha 622 (low C) bass Clarinet and I was wondering what I was going to do with the case that is getting fairly worn out. This is very helpful.

Tanner Haney says:

Fantastic video!

Yaya says:

Info on German Clarinet?

The Saucetin says:

Put the peg *in* the lower joint in the first BAM case

Jonathan Wallace-Adams says:

Protec case opinions?

DatMediaGuy says:

Hey, I am originally a tenor sax player and want to start the bass clarinet. A friend let me try his once and I instantly knew I wanted to play it. I love your videos, specifically the one on circular breathing. In terms of starting out, I have 2 questions:
1. Tenor sax and bass clarinet reeds are the same size and look superficially the same. Can I use tenor sax reeds on a bass clarinet?
2. What would a good model to start out on be that also would not break the bank?
Thanks in advance!

Midnight says:

Hey can wiseman make a Eb , A, Bb and a bass clarinet case all in one with extra space for a metronome, reed guard , court grease , and some other supplies

Max Meszaros says:

hey what would you recommend for a first low C bass for someone whos been playing about 4 years?

Trung Vo says:

Great video. Love it! I’m hoping you got sent some of these cases for free for review: there’s like $5000 worth of cases here!

For viewers:
Why you may want one of these cases:
– It’ll likely take care of your precious instrument better because of how secure the clarinet will be inside of it. Stock cases don’t usually do a stellar job, but some do!
– You want to carry more than 1 instrument at a time. Bb, A, and bass in one case, saxophone and flutes in another. These 6 cases are compact and great for multi-instrumentalists.
– You’re a traveling musician.
– You have a rich uncle and Christmas is coming up.

Why you may not need one of these cases:
– Your case already “does the job.” It lets you transport your instrument and it’s probably fine. Your largest concern will be how *well* it holds the instrument.
– You only need to hold JUST the bass clarinet. A lot of these cases accommodate carrying multiple clarinets. It’s rare you’ll need all three at one. If you play bass, it’s likely you play primarily or only bass. Situations that will require all three will be more rare, and when those happen, you can just carry two cases no big deal.
– You already are careful with your case. Sure, you might not have the best case, but you know your instrument is fragile and important to you. You won’t be throwing your case around the field and you’ll treat your instrument case with care as you’re walking or traveling.
– You don’t have a rich uncle.
– You have a rich uncle but you want a new laptop for Christmas instead of a bass clarinet case.

For most, I’d totally recommend the Reed & Squeak. Michael said it best: it’s the best bang for your buck and it does what you need it to do.
If you’re wary about spending over $300 for a new case, don’t worry about it! Your current case is FINE. It may not be the perfect case, but it does the job. The value of your instrument dictates how much you’ll want to invest in a case.

Micah Russell says:

Hahaha we actually have a tank now i need the case to test it darn it XD

John Carey says:

Michael, Md Zalien talked about some problems he (or she?) was having transitioning from soprano clarinet to bass clarinet. I looked through your videos and I don’t really see one that addresses that in depth. Certainly, you give lots of tips on technique and air support all through your videos but transitioning between instruments is something that gives all of us trouble. Also, I don’t believe you have gone into detail about mouthpiece selection, have you? Maybe I missed that. I also would like to see you show us how bass clarinets that go below E work. How do you play all those extra notes?? Do they just add on a whole bunch more pinky keys??

Pat Lemanczyk Alex says:

Hello Mike,
Are you familiar with a piece that is entitled: “Wings”? It is by Joan Tower. It is written for clarinet and Saxophone.

If you are familiar with the piece, could you do a video on it?
Thank you.

dontpugme says:

Lol best deal or no deal ever

Harry Hassell says:

There is a slot for a peg under the space for the top joint in the BAM trekking case. I have a peg with a big ball on it and it fits in there just fine.

Side note, while the trekking case is bulky, the big pocket on the back allows me to carry all kinds of other instruments. I’ve carried flute, clarinet, piccolo plus reeds, etc, in there, all at the same time, and it even fits an oboe/Ehorn combo case. It gets heavy, but comes in very handy when you have a lot to schlep around.

zebra3stripes says:

Am I guilty of learning a lot from this video? Yes, it’s an open-and-shut case.

Woodwind Person says:

Could you possibly do this again but for soprano clarinets?

Rafael Izquierdo says:

Nice shirt dude

Dereck Kim says:

Is she your wife?

Secret ! says:

Those wiseman cases are beautiful, wonder if he ships to america.

Logan Bach says:

I’ve got some questions about EWIs. I have always wanted to get one, but I have no idea where to buy one. Do you know where I could get one? Also, what kind of equipment do you need with an EWI?
Side note: I love your videos.

Md Zalien says:


hey mr earspasm. i have some news you would love to hear.

So I just turned 15 and I am a sophomore and this past year, I have been trying to get into our school’s highest band. Back in May, when I first auditioned, I had practiced a lot with a lot of help from both you and Michelle Anderson from Clarinet Mentors. I did not get accepted but my director allowed me and one other clarinet to re audition because he saw potential. I never gave up and practiced throughout the summer up until my audition back in early october (I turned 15 like a week later). By the end of my audition, my director had told me that he had never seen someone improve so much without any private teacher. He had specifically said that my air support was strong (thanks to your sounding good on clarinet video, that helped me tremendously and this is an understatement) as well as my embouchure. My embouchure was horrendous and with your help (as well as Ms. Anderson), I had improved it to the point where my director had said it was almost perfect.

The upperclass men that have been with our director for longer than I have mentioned how he has never been so excited. Our director ultimately gave our wind ensemble (the band I auditioned for) a lecture about hard work, determination, practice, etc. It was absolutely amazing especially since I have all state/district players in my band that are one of the bests at their instruments in Illinois.

All of this was just to say that I cannot thank you enough. I think the most important thing I think I’ve gotten from your videos is motivation. Your funny and detailed videos have inspired me so much to do better and to stay passionate.

I hope you never stop making videos!

I know you weren’t expecting this and I would be lucky to get a reply but I am just putting this out here just to remind you of your influence towards everyone 🙂


p.s so my director wants me to switch to bass clarinet and I have watched a lot of your videos regarding how to bass clarinet but I have some questions. First of all, what is my role in the band or in any composition? How should I play specifically since bass clarinet sounds so much more deeper than the Bb clarinet? Secondly, what strength reed do you recommend me to use for using the bass clarinet for the first time? I am having trouble with notes anything below low c and above middle b to the point where its impossible for me to actually play those notes despite my air. I use strength 3.5 normal clarinet and I am still developing my air support on it. I am using strength 3 for bass clarinet; how much lower should I go? Thirdly, what should I focus on the most or what differences from the normal clarinet should I adjust to and how should I adjust to them?

Sorry for the basic questions.

Again, thanks for all your help.

legopokemon9199 says:

One the Bam Trekking case you put the peg underneath the top half of the bass clarinet.

Dereck Kim says:

Shut up Dragon Killer

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