Comparison – Alto vs. Bass Clarinet

There are a lot of people who haven’t had the chance to play or even see one of these, so I thought I’d make this video 🙂


Rene Meyer-Oechslin says:

I play bass and bflat clarinet

L Moose says:

Do you use the same reeds for the same instruments??

都玲グッチ says:

This is so awesome! I have been wanting to learn how to play the bass clarinet for many years!

Nuziburt says:

You should us tenor sax reeds.

Nugg sontang says:

where did you get your bass clarinet?

Nugraha Adi Pratama says:

Hi Steven, thanks for the demo. Can you please post a video playing some more of the Alto clarinet, I’m thinking of buying one and would love to hear more! Much appreciated

Lemmings says:

i am thinking to change from b flat to alto or tenor, i just looove how rich it sounds and i dont fancy to go up in octaves anyways. can the alto play cello parts too or is it too high still?

Jared Kinz says:

Does Alto Clarinet read the same music as Bb Clarinet?

BaconMemeMachine says:

what reid do you use

mmohowlk says:

love my bass clarinet

Dawn Heller says:

I was clarinet major in college.Love the lower parts

Aubree Miller says:

I also play the bass clarinet

Charles Grey says:

I love them both! Can you do jazz on them? 🙂

Niko Morales says:

Well… For My Bass Clarinet I Play On A Vandoren B50 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece/Vandoren Black Mouthpiece Patches With A Vandoren M/O Black Bass Clarinet Ligature And Vandoren Traditional Size 4 Reeds & For My Clarinet I Play On A Vandoren M30 Clarinet Mouthpiece/Vandoren Black Mouthpiece Patches With A SilverStein Black Clarinet Ligature And Vandoren Traditional Size 3 Reeds.

Project Cube says:

is the bass and allora?

Rascal923 says:

5 octaves as in 5 octave scales?

Nathan carver says:

not me i wanted to play the clarenet but no she was all out dabm teacher but i went straight to the umm…………………….. oh yea bass clarenet

Tanner Sharpe says:

where did you get the extension

dollolol ols says:

I play bass clarinet and how did you get your bass clarinet to go to a low C

kelly Campbell says:

I used to play Alto Clarinet and now I’m trying to find a bad clarinet!

Alex Kindel says:

It’s always nice to see the alto clarinet get some respect. I hope it can become common again someday, because I find scoring for clarinet section much more satisfactory when alto clarinet is included.

Noam Nagar says:

Your alto’s C has a leak…

Jack Cannon says:

Steve, you stated that your bass clarinet would go down to low C. Do you mean C2 (sounding Bb1) or C3 (sounding Bb2)? Please clarify. Thanks Much.

Patrick Meyer says:

I might just be getting an alto. for free…

Glamster says:

I enjoyed this comparison as I am a bass clarinet player myself

kelly Campbell says:

I have a wooden clarinet I play all the time. It’s a professional clarinet. buffet. I’ve been playing it since 5th grade

Tealy says:

My band teacher didnt allow the Alto Clarinet to be a choice for your band instrument because its pretty much useless lol. We already have a high clarinet and a low one, and we have tenor saxes so not really the best choice xD

BabylonTumblingdown says:

Thanks very helpful.

Patrick Crosby says:

Would you consider doing another video just on the alto? And play a bit more so we can get a better feel of the range it covers? Also I’ve always heard the top range is pretty difficult. Do you find that to be the case? I certainly do. Maybe it’s a bad pad?

Jesus Barajas says:

bass clarinets are love, bass clarinets are life

Matt Weiman says:

So I want to save up for a new instrument next year since I will get my first real job, I play Bb Clarinet and Alto saxophone. Should I get an Eb Clarinet, C Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, or C melody saxophone? They all seem pretty fun to own so I’m not sure which one I should get, I have awhile to decide though.


I’m trying to switch but my band teacher said she would see on the first but see say she didn’t decide yet really annoyed but she my favorite teacher

Maddi Paige and Sophie Marie Vlogs says:

I actually play contrabass clarinet in my concert band and I’ve also played bass clarinet and my school has a few alto clarinets. Let’s just say, clarinets are awesome

Wolfy O'Hare says:

Alto clarinets have a distinctive voice; rather like cream in coffee – silky but with a ‘kick’ in the mix. Mozart’s favorite, the Basset-Horn, springs to mind.

Symbiotic Electricity says:


Rose bud says:

I should be getting an alto clarinet soon and this coming year in band I think I’m going to try out for the bass clarinet I would play my alto but my school doesn’t use them

Austin Abbott says:

Lol im only thirteen and even I
Can make 5 octaves

Alissa Johnson says:

i miss my alto clarinet

Ibsterplayz says:

Which one would you suggest for a student going from b flat clarinet.

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