Clarinet Ligature Review

I thought it would be fun to explore different ligatures and make a video of it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have your own thoughts about ligatures? Comment below!


alex grinage says:

just bent the selmer ligature was really nice. 

Zachery Collins says:

your clarinet tone is like goals 🙂

Lol Lol says:

what do u think about the silverstein

Sarah Broome says:

Hi! I’m looking into the Silverstein ligature and there’s an option for medium/small clarinet/alto, then there’s an option for small clarinet. I play Bb clarinet, which size do I go with? Thanks!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I own lot of ligatures and have tried many and nothing compares to the BG Traditional gold plated ligature with some kind of cork in the middle. Very focused sound,crisp articulation and great projection. Charles Bay ligatures are also nice but they lack a bit of control and the Rovner Eddie Daniels is also nice. 

The worst ligature I’ve tried is the Bois ligature. It’s just a ring with no screws and the reed vibrates way too much and it’s all the control I need.

Cristinel Mânăscurtă says:

for me, better sound you have with Rico ligature. 🙂

Clarineat says:

PS: I also LOVE the bay. Great ligature. I have an original but am thinking of getting the gold one.

Greg Baker says:

Amie: Thanks so much for your video and insightful thoughts. First of all I applaud your choice of an A clarinet to make your video. Your sound is very nice and has a warmth and projection to it that I really like. Bravo.

You are very right that each ligature has a profound effect on your tone. You did a great job demonstrating that.

I have recently come back to playing clarinet again in the last couple of years after some time off. I, like you, used the Bonade Inverted through college and found it much to my liking. After 12 years away and heavy use from before I found mine wearing out. The screws felt stripped and it was time to get a new one. I also noticed a “tinny” quality to my sound that I did not like. I remember in college my professor made string ligatures, and the ones I tried were great. I never did get the hang of making them, even after watching a YouTube video on it!

So I decided yo try the Van Doren Klassik. I really did question spending $75 on a piece of yarn but since I was so inept at making them, why not? I couldn’t be happier. With a well balanced reed the response and resistance are amazing.

I urge you to try out the string models. Will Cicola (sp?) has the video on making them. The Klassik is well received and James Pine makes twine ligatures as well. Have fun and best of luck to you. ☺

John Stelzer says:

They all seem to do their job properly of holding reed to mouthpiece. Perhaps the only difference is their respective availability and the prices.

Jim Drake says:

Your mention of the Selmer-style ligatures that clarinetists of the 1930’s and 1940’s used, Benny Goodman often cocked his to the side, putting the screws in the 2 o’ clock position on the mouthpiece. I asked him about it in an interview, and he said it seemed to make the tone fuller and more consistent throughout the range.

Wonder Twins says:

I used to have a selmer clarinet and I have to say the selmer was the best sounding.

テナーサックスちゃん says:


alencode says:

Thanks for the review! what clarinet and mouthepiece do you use? thanks  again!

Robert Monie says:

Some other great ligatures you could try would be the Robert Scott (from Muncy’s), the two BG Duos (sliver and gold finish), and 2 or 3 of the Ishimori metal ligatures from Japan (the gold plated copper, the solid silver, and the pink gold-plated–available from Brad Behn).  Thanks for the excellent video–very educational.

Fernando Herrera says:

Have you ever tried the Vandoren Leather ligature?

johnny102marvin says:

I am amazed at how the ligatures effect the tone. I liked the first one the best.

EGR Ligatures says:

you have to try the new EGR Ligatures! K-26! is the best at the moment

stumaclean111 says:

Hi Amie.  I’ve been playing professionally for 37 years and have tried many ligatures over the years.  There are many good ligatures on the market and how they respond depends on an individuals mouthpiece/reed combination. My current setup is a Buffet Tosca with a Backun inverse taper barrel, Richard Hawkins R model mouthpiece and a 35 year old original Rovner ligature. Thanks for your posting. You have a lovely sound.  

Ryan Choi says:

eddie daniels and silverstein sounds best to me

great sound

wisegirl1018 says:

Which one is your favorite? Also what are their prices?

Louis Milne says:

Have you ever tried the Mitchell Lurie “Springboard” ligature? — Really recommend if you haven’t. I tried one that my teacher lent me and it has a very free sound. Also very similar to the D. Bonade ligatures.

Jakkapun Pimjaipong says:


Wen0110 says:

Thanks. Now I more confused than ever.

Giulio Mannino says:

Love you’re playing

Christopher D'Amore says:

Great video!

Maryell Herrera says:

Cuál es la mejor ligadura para aumentar el sonido?

Clarineat says:

Wow you’ve got a great, full tone. Thanks for making this video.

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