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The Backun Educator Series presents Michelle Anderson, founder of Clarinet Mentors (, in a series of videos designed specifically to help school band teachers to teach clarinet more easily and effectively. The clarinet barrel can make a huge difference in the tone of a clarinet, and a wooden barrel is a great way to upgrade a plastic clarinet. This video illustrates how barrels affect tone, and will help you to make recommendations to your clarinet students. A barrel upgrade not only improves tone and resonance, but can be useful to regulate intonation as well.
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Michelle Anderson, a Backun Musical Services Artist, is a professional clarinetist and teacher in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in creating resources to help people to play the clarinet more easily and beautifully. Her company, Clarinet Mentors (, and YouTube channel (, have helped thousands of clarinetists to discover systems to quickly improve their clarinet playing, and to enjoy the instrument more.

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Helen Butt says:

What does a bell upgrade do for tone?

zebra3stripes says:

Because I’m consistently flat (10-15 cents and close to 20 on couple of lower notes) I’m considering getting a MoBa cocobolo barrel at 64 mm to replace the 66 mm barrel that came with the instrument. Would a difference of just 2 mm bring up the pitch that much?

Saulo Gonçalves Moreno says:

Please teacher, I have a Evette Shaeffer Master Model, 50´s Buffet Crampone, all parts original. If I put a FatBoy Barrel and tradicional Bell my clarinet improve his sound a lot? The MoBa series cannot use in before 90´s clarinet, in my case the backun recomendation is FatBoy and I have this question, please help me.

M.Y Ag says:

This video is very helpful. Looking for long ones to flatten my clarinet. I’m always too sharp.

쾅마이코 says:

Hi Mrs:) What does a zoom barrel do compare to the ordinary ones,and would it,by any chance,sound better?

Rob21ization says:

So I just bought the backun barrel and now I’m extremely flat and I’m completely pushed in. I tried to return it back but it was way past the date. Can you help me or give me any tips to get back in tune?

TransitNerd 3687 says:

I understand what the new barrel does, but what does the new bell do?

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