Cane vs. plastic reeds — can YOU hear the difference?

Blind (Deaf?) listening test alert! Katherine and I play for one another, as we try to guess which is a Legere and which is our Vandoren reed. See if you can tell the difference.


First Sergeant Day says:

Imma cello player… Why AM I HERE!?

Cody Tench says:

I play trumpet lmao

Turd Jackson 8291958/6252009 says:

I use a 2.5 reed because I am in 6th grade

m7_peek M17 says:

Sad thing I play clarinet on the fifth grade: (

Artisanicgaming says:

Is she playing a b flat clarinet or e flat clarinet?

Brandi Redlinger says:

I thought it was plastic wood wood plastic

Emma Millar says:

I use a strength 2 but I’m 12 years old

lossfound says:

Beginner/non-wind player but trained musician and multi-instrumentalist here. The differences, at least from the perspective of the listener and/or your Tascam mics, aren’t quite what you end up describing on camera. I have no doubt in my mind that you’re accurately describing the physical feedback coming back off the mouthpiece. But in the listener chair with full concentration and eyes closed, it’s impossible to reconcile comments like “the Legere can’t handle much air” with the actual demo examples provided, in which the Legeres don’t seem to respond all that differently in timbre or attack onset to their cane compats. Might be very different hearing it in the room too, but I was very hard pressed to consistently differentiate the Legeres from the cane reeds in any of these examples even on multiple replay. I’d be tempted to chalk up any if not most audible differences between examples to slight differences in performance, which are surely impossible to avoid… especially when rapid-swapping significant components of your rig like this!

Game_Girl23 says:

Now i’m a freshmen in high school and I plat clarinet to! But i’ll be honest my ears/listening skills are not the best, but from listening to the different articulations was really easy to pin point.

Christopher says:

play some JAZZ!!!

Michael Lewis says:

Where can I get that shirt

tapioca bubbles says:

this lady is my teacher at school

Ashtion Colton says:

I prefer wooden whilst everyone else prefers plastic ones. I like the wooden reeds because the air can move through it and makes it easier to play. The plastic ones make it harder for me. So, yeah. That’s my opinion

Sir James Lobster says:

Bruh I’m not even a wind player…I’m a percussionist. What am I doin here yo?

Cool Gamer says:

Why am i here i play trombone

Turd Launcher says:

Why do clarinet players always move around so much when they play? You’re not a snake charmer!

cheese stick says:

I play the mayonnaise.

Why am I here?

Jenna Timm says:

That piece is part of my all state audition next week and I’m triggered (the first one)

Conrad Wilson says:

Cane-better In sax

FormalThread479-Minecraft says:

I couldn’t tell many of them apart, but that’s probably because I play Viola and Piano… not clarinet

James Reeder says:

Try using Forestone!

Baka Sempai says:

i am a 8 grader i use a reed strenght of 3 on bass clarinet

Ace 64 says:

ha nice shirts

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