Buffet R13 Greenline Review by Josh

Yo were doing Q and A soon so hit us up with ?s


clarinetnation says:

Not at all. The greenline sounds just as great as the normal r13

Kidcommzz75 says:

Whats music in may 2014?

Marchingbandkid84 says:

Why the heck are clarinets so expensive! 

Alexander Lei says:

Oh I see, they essentially take scrap wood and charge the same price! So they make more money and charge you the same.

Dahre' Miller says:

Only $3,200??? My regular R13 was $3,800. I always thought Greenlines were in the $4,000-4,200 range

Bandgeeks101 says:

Cool channel. All be posting stuff on mine too. check me out

Jermey Bright says:

Theres no link to the Instagram..

ClarinetAddict says:

I’ve seen a lot of people with green lines. I personally would stick with the traditional grenadilla ones.

Rant Gant says:

Yeah the easy fading logos are a real problem with the R13’s, but even worst on the Greenlines!!! With the regular Grenadilla R13’a a repairman can easily remedy this problem by filling in the logos with a crayon, but because there is no indentation of the logo on the Greenline due to the material it is made out of, once the logos fade it is permanent! You cannot fill them back in!!!

Goku17yen says:

Dude make more vids, also love that squidwar profile pic, lmao

clarinetnation says:

Dont forget to Ask Questions!

Samantha Johnson says:

Does the Greenline take away from sound quality compared to a regular R13?

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