Blue Mendini / Cecilio Clarinet Review!

Bought a blue clarinet off EBay for about 90$
Its cheaper on EBay than Amazon!


Fireflames5565 says:

I’m already in 8th grade band

jvega880 says:

Dis nigga gay

Aidan Sullivan says:


Fireflames5565 says:

I was put in orchestra when I was in the middle of my 7th grade year and I was a noob so I had to learn ALOT

DJSerg95 says:

Good review, and like you said their isn’t many videos about those colored clarinets, but overall good review and you should make more videos of you playing your clarinet. Keep practicing.

Nolan says:

get a real clarinet, like a Buffet Crampon, Backun or Selmer

Alan G Plays says:

bruh if you really need a good affordable clarinet get a Yamaha YCL they are good enough
for 8th to 12th grade seriously

Tiffany Ray Wolfer says:

i cut some of the cork to put it together
it worked fine but i have a yamaha a better brand this brand will rip you off

Elias Gutierrez says:

+cass Giancola thanks Im in 6th grade band and i was thinking on buying it for 7th grade but I ll think I will choose another brand

Jiří Valtr says:

Review withhout playing a single tone? I think sound is the most important thing, if we talk about musical instrument -_-

CleverRavenclaw says:

Are you still playing this horn???? If so, you should definitely upgrade. Especially with these shady brands, the sound is not consistent, and they are not accepted for repair at many Music Stores. For anyone that wants to buy one of these clarinets, please be aware of the fact that you will almost never be able to damage it because of the fact that it can’t be repaired.

Elizabeth Harris says:

I have played clarinet for 3 1/2 years and i do have a tip. the reason y the clarinet is hard to assemble is bc its new and once you keep assembling it, it will be fine, its just that at first its a total pain to get on lol been there done that 🙂

MissCheerleader2002 says:

It takes a long time to learn.

Kelly DeLozier says:

Great informative review !

Littlericky22 aj says:

my blue mendini came in 2 days

Tools240 says:

You may not be old enough to realise the value of a musical instrument, but never buy any clarinet for under $700. Return this pile of crap, get a used Yamaha, and never buy any instrument off the internet again. The reason why the parts don’t fit together is because these clarinets are made in sweatshops in the Far East by workers that don’t know how to manufacture a clarinet. Also, it will be very difficult to create a consistent sound on this horn because of the warps and defects inside the bore of the clarinet. Trust me, I have been playing clarinet for 14 years and I have seen many aspiring young musicians fall into the trap of “$99 dollar clarinet with accessories”. Also, if this clarinet breaks, you can’t get it fixed. Because of the sketchy nature of these Chinese knock off horns, many music stores will refuse to work on these simply because they have no part logs for them. I am begging you, if you want to be a clarinetist, get rid of this “toy” and buy a real clarinet!

Lenox_343 says:

Wait A Second, Are You An Altar Server?

Rocio Vela says:

A bad brand I meant

Kayla Constantine says:

lol i know this is a super old video and i saw your comment where it isnt really relevant anymore, but i noticed when you held it up one of the springs is literally not even attached hahaha such poor quality clarinets.

Nicholas Wiewiora says:

My first clarinet (which I still have) was a Cecilia (not Cecilio, which isn’t much better). It’s horrible. I just played on it again, and it was ridiculously difficult to play on. Now, I’m on a Buffet Crampon e11 Bb clarinet (~$1,100). Way better. I’ve always wondered how these clarinets were though. I saw 1 Cecilia just like mine go for $30 gently used so I’m sure yours is much better than my old one. Definitely keep playing though. Once you get to playing stuff like Mozart, Bach, Holst, Ticheli, Berlioz, etcetera, it’ll become even funner.

Alexis Rivera says:

How do you loosen up the keys because mine are stuck????????

big bagoftea says:

(on new account) guys I made this review when I was 13, emo, and looked like a little boy, forgive me. Also just don’t even bother considering one of these clarinets at all, don’t ask questions, don’t even look at it. It’s garbage, don’t waste your time and save some money. If you realize the fact that cheap clarinets suck and will make you sound like you’re playing notes out of your ass and are still thinking about buying it anyway then please I beg of you find another way to get an instrument. It’s embarrassing to have one of these and will make you look and sound dumb. Trust me. If you can’t afford a decent clarinet then contact your band instructor and ask to rent an instrument or borrow one for a lot less money than actually buying one, chances are that they will help you out if they can. The rental clarinets are mostly at least decent and playable. If you have one of these cheap, crappy clarinets, you will always sound bad and will think you aren’t making any progress on the instrument. This isn’t true, the quality of the instrument you’re playing has a BIG affect on how good you sound, regardless of whether you’re a professional or not. So just try asking for help or finding an alternative that’s better, it will be good for you in the long run.

Noah Brady says:

I noticed that your lower spring is out of place. Either take it to a repair shop ( it should be free) or try to do it yourself. Happy playing

Nicholas Wiewiora says:

Yah, my E11 was hard to get together as well. New cork makes the instrument hard to put together.

Aldrich Yanga says:

Great review but I won’t recommend this brand this brand will try to rip u off because I’ve gotten an instrument from this brand and it didn’t last a year and it was unfixable

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