Beginners Guide: Starting Clarinet

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Cleaning Cloth:

Cork Grease:–Cork-Grease-Premium-Scented-Cork-Grease-15oz–Tube-J13875-i3902256.wwbw

Standard of Excellence:

Essential Elements:—Bb-Clarinet–Book-1-with-EEi–941587-i1161415.wwbw

Hal Leonard Rubank Elementary Studies:

Accent on Achievement:—CD-H61881-i1557586.wwbw


Sheet Protectors:

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Darien Salter says:

I have the fondations for superior preformance book

Jesse Andujo says:

Your vid is horrible

MayMayMe ! says:

I love the idea of the binder sheet cover plastic pages and could you do a major through
cleaning/maintenance video I know this is a strange request but it would help me out a lot

DachshundDad Bob says:

Old guy (56, yes I am older than dirt!) here who played clarinet in middle school and high school band, now primarily playing a bass clarinet which I love. My advise would be to spend some time listening to instruments on-line and decide which sounds the best to you; then head to a local music store and check it out in person. Choose the instrument; brass, woodwind or percussion that you like best. If you like the instrument you will want to practice it. That is key!

whatevermightwork says:

The notebook inserts are called sheet protectors.

Do you have any tips for going into the second register? When I try, I always have a short moment of silence before the tone sounds.

sorryitselyzza says:

I have a question. Will it be easy for me to learn a woodwind while i have spent 3 years on a brass instrument?

ivette lagunas says:

I recomend Jupiter and Yamaha clarinets for students like me in 7th grade in beginning band

Mr. SpazBubbles says:

Our band teachers want us to start with hard so that is all we know so we never used plastic clarinets we used wooden and when I switched to bass clarinet it was wooden to

Pen Dancer says:

The books we use are Accent of Achievement (we finished the book) and we are using foundations of a superior performance now.

kassidywhite says:

Ik this is really random and dumb and no one cares about but don’t you just hate the taste of the reed ok just me

Hidden Pants says:

Thank you very much! I’m looking at taking up the clarinet after I’ve brushed up on my flute & I have no idea what to get.

Alex_JFireee Roblox Gaming says:

I have a Bundy Bb clarinet, it’s my moms old one, I will be learning this as a side instrument as I already play trumpet.

美学DarkHD says:

My band teacher started us out on Mitchel Lurie 3 1/2 in beggining band, im now a 7th grade 1st chair Wind Ensemble

Maici Sayers says:

I am getting a clarinet for my birthday which is your favourite and I will buy it?

JustAnotherClarinetist says:

Do you have any tips for the altissimo range?

Yessi says:

I play a lazzaro clarinet, and the mouthpiece it came with sucks. I use a buffet crompton one I had laying around add a vandoren reed and it sounds just fine. I how good the player is that makes all the difference when it comes to budget clarinets. I played bass clarinet for 3 years in HS and for a good month I was convinced the instrument was broken. 2 trips up the shop later, my band teacher was like, it’s you. lol Harsh but true. After I got used to how much more air the horn needed, the thing sounded amazing. Wish I had your eye for Ebay clarinets. The bass I played was a school instrument, and miss it dearly..

Kiley B says:

I have a Yamaha clarinet. In also a beginner. I was working ahead in my book and learned I squeak really loud when I play low notes.

rocco macchia says:

Interestingly enough, I found a cheap Anaxa B-flat clarinet. I love the sound. it’s very dark and i don’t struggle hitting any notes with it (this includes those notes in the Altissimo/Upper Altissimo register). I’ve had it for a few years now and have been told I sound better than some people using Yamahas and Selmers.
I plan to use this instrument until I can afford that famous Buffet R13.

Sir Jan - Keeper of the Vigil says:

The only thing that I disagree slightly (key word, slightly) about is the cheap clarinets. They don’t actually sound bad. Put a Moba or an R13 in the hands of a beginner (why would you ever do that?) and it won’t sound that great. Put a Mendini or other cheap clarinet in the hands of anyone decent and it will sound great. I have played a Mendini owned by a student in my section, (they were having issues with it), and I play it with no complications and was able to produce a great tone not as great as my Leblanc, but okay.

Mark Bernard says:

Yesterday on eBay I saw a blue ito clarinet for 67 dollars. I almost bought it.

Rolly Polly says:

when u r a beginner you want to play a little slower so u canremember the keys

Pen Dancer says:

The books we use are Accent of Achievement (we finished the book) and we are using foundations of a superior performance now.

Jackson Snyder says:

I play alto tenor and bari sax so I’m using one of the Vito (yanagisawa) clarinets and a vandoren v21 reed (on alto I play a 3)

Carlette Seabrook says:

Here some names for a clarinet Accident and I think there’s one called Yamaha,but Accident is the best because my 11 year old child has one for her beginner band class

Sir Jan - Keeper of the Vigil says:

Practice as much as you can and have fun with it. It is much better to practice 15 min a day to begin with than 1 hour some day on the weekend. Consistency is important. (I now practice 3 hours day on average broken down into 4 45 minute sessions). Learn to love scales, they are your friend.

I also encourage learning rhythm ahead of time. Learn some basic theory. Head over to and you can learn a lot. Having a base music understanding is helpful.

Learn what a clarinet sounds like and listen to professional clarinetists. Try to emulate this sound.

Every time you pick up your clarinet and get ready play, get ready to play for real, make mistakes loudly, that makes it easier for your teacher to help you.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy it.

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