Bb Contrabass Clarinet. Internet, you’re welcome.

Yeah, so Selmer lent me one of their BRAND NEW, $32,000 ROSEWOOD CONTRABASS CLARINETS. Because they’re awesome. Here’s how that went down.


mx54 mx54 says:

Eppelsheim Contrabass is a real better instrument than this Selmer…….dixit a old member of Selmer staff in Paris……………..and it is cheapest price ……..

Francis Four says:

Could you make a video talking about what playing saxophone does to your clarinet embouchure

Si13nt Voice says:

There is something fascinating about the way you played the instrument.
I don’t know if I was just in awe of the instrument or if it was your enthusiasm

Freya Guppy says:

I want one.

Southern Trucker Hicc says:

Oh man. I wouldn’t blame you for buying all the stuff you do. Though I don’t know if you have a family or not, if I had no kids or a wife I would just be spending my money on a bunch of instruments. A soprano sax at above average quality is at least 1,000 dollars. A decent bass clarinet is also at the same price. You could buy so much stuff in the woodwind/brasswind area just by saving up money.

Masentunut Mursu says:

I’m simple man. I see contrabass clarinet I click.

simbuilder355 _playz says:

Nice playing

Njderig says:

this thing sounds so much better deeper richer and more resonant than the tin can sounding paperclip contras. Just my humble opinion, I am a saxophonist.

K Bulach says:

I’m in 7th grade and I play this beast

Dio Brando says:

You must have the lungs of a sperm whale.

Alex Paulsen says:

The tuning and intonation doesn’t sound very good, maybe? Those notes on the way to that high F sounded awful.

Ethan Salgado says:

My school has one

r100curtaincall says:

I love my contrabass. I’d love to try playing one of these newer ones.

Catstuffies Tran says:

Lol oboe reeds are even more expensive at $13-20 :3 (btw I’m not an oboist but I DO have a friend that IS and according to her, that’s how expensive they are. Also, I am a flutist/flautist.)

George Briscoe says:

Bass clarinet was my principal “legit” instrument as a music major in 1980 – 84, because I love jazz saxophone, but can’t stand classical sax. When the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio got a bunch of new instruments in the fall of 1982, I instantly took to the rosewood Selmer Low C Contrabass clarinet. We had a killer low clarinet section in Wind Ensemble with a Selmer Bass, Selmer Contra Alto and Selmer Contra Bass. The Contra Bass retailed at $12,000 back then. I found an obscure brand of reed that gave me a much smoother tone that what you had there (No offense. I know you were playing on what came with the horn. I’ve never heard of the old brand again.) What’s cool about this instrument is that if you are into the Avant-Garde (I was into Anthony Braxton’s music at the time), you CAN play just as high on it, plus you can get incredible multiphonics by playing a low C and then just altering your throat and embouchure. You can even smear it up to the stratosphere! Humpback whale impressions come to mind. I enjoyed my time on that horn, as I knew I’d never own one of my own. And YES, it’s HEAVY, especially in the case!

lia lola says:

I play the bass clarinet

Luke Bolser says:

Bari sax player :

Ice Bear says:

Newb I have a subcontrabass clarinet

Ava Hughes says:

He’s not wearing socks

Katie Kimmel says:

Love playing the contrabass clarinet, it vibrates into your soul!!

Esther Gagné says:

Oh this is great! So nice to finally hear a contrabass clarinet played solo with a wealth of articulations and agility across its range. As a composer, I can evaluate much better the physical demands on the musican than with about all of the other examples I could find where it is always played slowly in a subdued, dark, glowering manner in the ultra low register. This is truly helpful and I thank you for that! You said you weren’t used to it but very nice playing nonetheless!

airplane4567aj says:

Would you be able to do a video on a contra alto clarinet? I’m just wondering because I am planing to learn it, right now I play saxophone, but I’ve gotten into the clarinet and plan to learn the contra alto

Njderig says:

It actually looks like a proper contraass clarinet. The paperclips look ridiculous. First time I saw one I didn’t even know it was a type of clarinet.

Mau M says:

seriously man, that amount can get you a small apartment in Mexico City…

Midnight Macarons says:

I play contra! It’s a pain and an honor and no one else at my school (including our talented director) knows how to play it.

Carl Hopkinson says:

sounds like something loose in that truck engine.

marissa o’connor says:

i’m playing contrabass for our clarinet chamber this year!

Lapislazers says:


Kevin Xiong says:

Very funny. $10 for a reed isn’t much when you play the oboe…

Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami says:

“G u I t a r s – t o p I c”

Sailor Mermaid says:

I played clarinet, then bass clarinet, NOW I CAN PLAY THIS?! ~faints~

Elizabeth Rivers says:

I wanted to play this in high school for my clarinet ensemble because I was already a bass clarinet player, but my private lesson teacher hated me and never even let me touch the instrument. She let a different bass clarinet player play it for every ensemble I was in for three years! Talk about so unfair! :/ Maybe one day I’ll be able to play one.

Liam Kearney says:

Wtf is that monstrosity

Cheeseling says:

What’s the cheapest you have seen? I’m 12 and asked my Dad if I could have one for Christmas but I told him the price and he said no chance.

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