Bass Clarinet Review: The ($2,179) Kessler Custom Low C Bcl!

Here is the Kessler SECOND GENERATION Low C Bass Clarinet. New Feature: Blind Listening Test against my Selmer: If you want to jump straight to that, it begins at 6:57. Otherwise, have a look and see what you think!


Jan Betterton says:

Hey! I was the 100th “Like” for this one! I’m Jan B from Huntsville, AL….met you at Troy U. last spring. May I say that I am IN LOVE with your breath support and air stream capacity?!! Well, there, I said it! My breath support is pretty dang good, but YOU ‘da MAN! Great job, as always on another great teaching session…even though you may call it a review, I still always learn new stuff from you! Thanks for all you do for us crazy clarinet people!!

BaconOfWar66 says:

How would rate this compared to the Selmer 1430lp that you reviewed a couple months ago?
I’m more asking which one is better in your opinion(and why if you’re feeling like it)

Bob Sax says:

I knew right away the first one was Michael. The first recording had a much better sound. I did not notice the noisy keys. In fact on the second one I noticed the keys more or maybe it was the pads? Either way almost sounded like a different microphone.

Ivar Westerberg says:

What’s the name of that tuner app? I’m having problems with intonation on my sax

Orin Jacobs says:

I’ve been playing on a 1st generation Kessler for over 5 years. It’s been a very dependable instrument. I have to give the Kesslers a big shout out for customer service. When there was an issue with the neck, they took care of it quickly without hesitation. They stand behind what they sell! I am tempted to try out the new version. Thanks for making this review and giving us such straight ahead info!!

Bob Faget says:

I have been looking for a student model bass clarinet to use outside of school. My band director took me off of bass and she put me back on Bb clarinet. I have looked everywhere for a bass but I have not been able to find one . If there is anything you could recommend that would be great!

Daniel Aliment says:

Very imformative video! I’ll make sure to keep Kessler in mind when I land a job teaching band!!

Phillip York says:

I thought they sounded exactly the same

Veløcc_353 says:

Did he just give the thumbs up for a low c bass clarinet under $4,000?

I never thought I would see the day.

Calvin Rey says:

I play bari sax and double on bass clarinet. The one I’m renting is only to Eb, and seeing an affordable, high quality bass clarinet with low C makes me very happy.

Julian Nova says:

I want this bass clarinet!

Tyler Bischoff says:

What’s that tuner app that he uses

Sheila Wooten says:

Which mouthpiece would you recommend to upgrade to when purchasing this instrument?

Edward Escobar says:

In the blind test, I thought the Kessler sounded a lot brighter… almost popping.

Aeiei Rouge says:

Instrument #1 sounds better. I haven’t watched which one is which yet

Nelson Olivo says:

Thank you for your review, I bought a Kessler a couple of months ago after comparing them to other student bass clarinets. Because I am a beginner but know a little about tone since I come from a Bari saxophone background I purchased the Kessler. Now that you have reviewed it I can feel better that I have made a good purchase and have an instrument I can use for years to come. Thank you once again.

Hey Joe says:

I’m starting to believe that wood just doesn’t make difference in tone quality, or if it does it’s so small there’s no point in it, expecially considering the cost and the crack risk. I think more that body material is way more important the pads material, I wonder how an instrument like this would sound and feel like with pro level leather pads.

Eleagle B says:

Thank you for the blind test. I could tell them apart as soon as I heard the first one, and have decided I will not buy the Kessler 🙂

quintron3 says:

I own a 1st generation Kessler and it’s a pretty good instrument. I would love to do a comparison between the 1st and 2nd generation.

Darth Gamer says:

I screamed out loud in pure joy when I saw this in my recommended for you

Average Egg2 says:

just for anyone who gets this bass. I recommend getting a different case. The poor fitting in the case that comes with it causes the keys on the side to bend. I recommend getting the bam case instead.

Austin Thomas Music tutorials says:

Hey I am trying out for jr Allstate can u give me good luck by commenting and like cause I have to play scherzo in c minor

Araya Gonzales says:

Hi! I am a fellow bass clarinetist and i have a question. Im fairly new to the instrument and i was wondering if you could tell me how to properly clean it after each use. Thank you!

Jonathan Lynn says:


Steve White says:

Great review!
Thanks for taking the time and comments for this. This is a great find.

Jake Bramhall says:

This is the thing I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been looking at this bass for about a year now so you making this video was a huge help

BooM Industries says:

How do you do that clicking noise on your bass clarinet like in your September-Earth, Wind, Fire choir

kptrpt1 says:

Wow! Flying toasters. I haven’t seen them in a while. Thanks for the great review. I know where to go next time I need to buy a bass clarinet for our school. Helpful stuff, as always

JylesM says:

The Kessler baritone saxophones are staggeringly good, too. I was a little bit concerned that the folks at Kessler were trying to oversell the instruments’ tonal and ergonomic quality, but was pleasantly surprised at how well they played. I’ll definitely have students and doublers buying them.

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