Anthony McGill, Principal clarinet of the NY Philharmonic tries the BD5 clarinet mouthpiece

Anthony McGill came to the Vandoren advisory studio in New York City to try the BD5 clarinet mouthpiece.
Anthony plays Vandoren V.12 clarinet reeds #4


Joe Tighe says:

Oh…beautiful sound ….!!!!!

Joe Tighe says:

I am actually more interested in Anthony’s opinion the adjustable Paulus and Schuler Zoom Barrel. How would this compare to a Moennig barrel in sound.

Stavros Berouka says:

Go check greek,Romanian and Turkish clarinet please wtf is this..

Isaiah Collins says:

such a focused, round sound. Very impressive.

trixplice says:

Whats the song he plays in the beginning?

Isaiah Collins says:

Wonderful player and musician! Very deserving of his prestigious positions!
Merci! Bon courage!

Chris Allison says:

And that Tosca… if only you got that much time to revel in that solo! Haha

E W says:

McGill a very good classical clarinetist; have seen him in NY many times. Yet here he is a lackey to VanDoren – what a waste.

SilverFoxx says:

why dose he lift his fingers so high off the keys.

Francis Four says:

Does anyone know what that barrel is

Ray Zhang says:

It’s time for people to realize that while the quality of the mouthpiece, reeds, and instrument makes a huge difference, don’t expect to sound as good as Anthony McGill just because you have the same exact setup as him. It’s one thing money can’t buy.

is02ub says:

Is that RC or R13 Prestige?

Chris Allison says:

So nice to hear some ‘proper’ everyday clarinet playing on YouTube.. I can’t stand annoying video’s of party tricks, paganini, flight of the bloody bumble bee etc etc.. lovely playing

Art Artaristo says:

A nice musicality – bravo!!! By the way, by C. Debussy – pp please (a hard trick……., yes !!!)

Stop Raffing says:

I could fall asleep to his playing. It’s so relaxing

John Smith says:

Such ratty hand position

ケモナー哲学厨二病 says:


John Smith says:

A vibrant sound. A warm sound. What a rat

John Smith says:

What a dork. He probably wrote that garbage that he played at the beginning himself.

D M Cardona says:

Bravo…. that was one that you were trying out or was that what you always play on? Gorgeous sound and I could feel the accompaniment moving through you especially on the Debussy. Thanks for sharing.

Gilvando Capri says:

Here he play two clarinets. Bb e A Clarinet.

Rich2millions says:

Awesome so musical and clean

bandguy0705 says:

Is he playing double lip?

pgroove163 says:

these cats are so under rated as musicians.

Peter De Groef says:

Verry nice Anthony!!

Vince B. says:

Very nice sound and he’s a phenomenal clarinetist

Elise Curran says:

Great playing, sir…..loved the Tosca aria!

Saku Saku says:


GusDays says:

Beautifully played solos with pure and rich harmonics in every note. Bravooooooo!

mambojazz1 says:

what is that barrel everyone uses?

Tom S says:

Always good to hear you Anthony. Love that you play Vandoren MP’s. Peace my friend.

Ricardo Herrera says:

rockin’ that Copland

Han Solo says:

One of the most boring top-players out there. No soul.

Quasar says:

So beautiful

Alyssa Goins says:

Phenomenal sound, I could listen to this for days and not get sick of it.

WaterFlame957 says:

He’s so cute!!

Fernando Herrera says:

I really love his playing

Ciro Trentacosti says:

Un bocchino che non riesco a suonare, ci vuole parecchio fiato e forza senza riuscire a ottenere il suono che voglio. Troppo bilanciato nei registri, sul registro basso si ottengono scarse sonorità e in quello acuto si fatica, pur utilizzando ance numero 3, che per BD sono le più leggere consigliate. Con l’M30 ottengo suoni pazzeschi e dinamicità uniche, con ance 3,5 e soprattutto sento vibrare lo strumento sotto le mie mani, ma con questo becco tutto questo resta solo un sogno. Mi dispiace per Vandoren, ma secondo me farebbe bene a ritirare il prodotto dal mercato è improponibile.

Jesse Bustamante says:

What is the name of the piece at 4:18?

Wilfried Berk says:

The Brahms’ Sonata excerpt sounds great

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