A Review of a Chinese-Made E-flat Clarinet

Like my last two reviews, I take a look at a Chinese-made Clarinet in E-flat.


Steven Shockley says:

I laughed when you threw that mouthpiece 😀
Maybe I missed something while adjusting mine. Something is up with the rings on the bottom 3 tone holes, I’ll have to try figuring it out…

Braden Graham says:

I own this one, I have been playing it for a while. Very dependable however you NEED to replace that case! Mine fell apart also I recommend cutting Bb reeds with wire cutters instead of using Eb reeds 🙂

Toriel says:

I bought a similar clarinet a few months ago

Willem Kossen says:

Where would i get that?

Brendon Chrisney says:

Great video, where would I be able to buy that Eb?

Scott Sakurai says:

So why do these not come in D and E♭ pairs for the same reasons there are A and B♭? E♭ seems like a really awkward key for most orchestral pieces.

Brandon Ngo says:

Can we get a link to the exact buyer/page of this particular clarinet?

Slytherin Princess Shelbie says:

Love what you did with the video. I’m a clarinet major in college, and I have one critique to give you. Don’t puff your cheeks! It takes quite a fair amount of work to achieve it, but it’s worth it! The tone quality of the instrument isn’t fantastic, but that’s due to what the clarinet is made of. For the price, it isn’t bad. Definitely good for outside playing due to the weather or humidity

Dominant Cases Casos Dominantes says:

THANK YOU!! I NEEDED this review very helpful. I’m buying one and putting a new mouthpiece because I know the Chinese ones are horrible.

Sub Space says:

Not to be rude but usually you don’t have the mouthpiece strait in your mouth while playing.

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