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If you have any questions about the horn, be sure to comment below! And if you want to contact/ ask the horn maker himself (Chris Smith) about anything, here is his facebook page~ SOCIAL: GEAR: Trumpet- Custom SVT2 Los Angeles Olds Ambassador Mouthpiece- Northern Brass 3-66**** Rode VideoMic […]

A review of an excellent horn by CarolBrass; their 5000L-YLS. This trumpet features a large bell (a bit larger than 5 inches) and standard thickness (not a light-weight bell) of brass gauge metal. As with all the CarolBrass horns I’ve had (this is my 6th, I think) the valves and slides are excellent. This trumpet […]

We are selling this horn for a friend of the shop. It truly is one of the finest trumpets we have ever had in our shop and absolutely an incredible player! I will try to record a few more videos of course of this fabulous horn. This horn is a combination of the Lead and […]

A review of a $70 Student Trumpet is the LINK for: KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster, Raw Brass – Limited Edition KGU TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE BOOSTER Amplifier Enhancer review video by Kurt Thompson Folks I like to keep an open mind and try many things. If this product can help you…even 1 or 2 % it’s worth it because over time, once […]

Jason introduces the experimental X11 Trumpet keyed in C.

A very attractive, great playing, solid sterling silver belled trumpet – the Silvertone by King is reveiwed here. The art deco work on the bell is very appealing and the tone is as well. The metal of these sterling silver bells alone are worth a few hundred dollars. When affixed to a nice playing horn […]

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Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets reviews his own personal 5MM Trumpet Mouthpiece. A Harrelson 838.594H.

One of the finest trumpets ever made; a King Liberty from 1936. With the two piece tuning slide that will enable the trumpet to play in the key of A, this trumpet is in great shape and is a very nice player! I do hope you enjoy the vid! Continued best wishes, Jonathan

UPDATED RANKING ►► Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list. Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best trumpet, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Trumpets included in this wiki include the yamaha xeno, legacy tr750, […]

Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets reviews the Harrelson Eb VPS Summit Trumpet in the Harrelson Trumpets Showroom, Denver, Colorado.

An excellent horn is reviewed here; the Challenger 3137, model 1. This Bb trumpet is a serious rival (very serious) to the venerable Bach Stradivarius 37 bell, of which there are probably more in symphony’s worldwide than any other type trumpet. This B & S trumpet is a splendid option… Hope you enjoy the vid! […]

This trumpet sold a few days after posting this video. You can see our current inventory on our website.

Review of the Besson BE110 entry level trumpet

Jason reviews the mythical Monette Flumpet in 24k gold at Harrelson Trumpets in Denver, Colorado.

Now that I’ve been doing this for a year, I figured I’d finally review the beast itself: My Yamaha Custom Z trumpet. It’s an incredible jazz horn that can play with a symphonic tone if needed. I would strongly recommend this to a high school jazz player looking to upgrade to a professional trumpet. The […]

Mark Harrison reviews the JP by Taylor Trumpet

Hi everybody ! today let’s make a little comparison between 4 trumpets from cheap to expensive ! enjoy it and don’t forget to like, comment and share 🙂 Trumpet Used : – 150$: TR300 (BACH) – 250$: TR620 Black Jazz (THOMANN) – 1500$: VBS-1 (BACH) – 3600$: Oiram Quartertone 2 (VAN LAAR) __________________________________________________________________________________________ You can […]

*I’d like to note that this is a TR500 that was mistakenly stamped “TR300” on the leadpipe. Really goes to show you the amount of care put into this horn. This is quite an old video, but I vividly recall disliking this horn. Fuzzy low range, bad slotting, hard to use vibrato… you get the […]

Gary Wilder shows you the top 5 Trumpets for beginners. Enjoy! Products used: Interesting bits and pieces: 0:00 Introduction 0:17 Jupiter JTR700RQ | Demo 1:40 Yamaha YTR-3335 | Demo 4:31 Bach TR-501 Student | Demo 6:41 Thomann TR-5000 GL | Demo 9:51 Thomann TR-200 | Demo 11:32 Sound comparison of all five Instruments | […]

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