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Najbolje cene! LP LPM196-AW Wood Djembe, Mini Tunable is excited to offer this official sneak peek into our new line of djembe & dunun video LESSONS and REFERENCE tools powered by . These highly anticipated drum classes are taught by master drummer & world renown teacher Fara Tolno, lead soloist of Kissidugu & Les Merveilles de Guinea and star of the […], Install soaked Goat Skin on Djembe Drum

Have a Nice Drumming – Una nuova Review per il LP Djembe World Beat FX 12,5 pollici

X Have a Nice Drumming – La Review del Tycoon Hybrid Djembe Cajon 12 pollici

Listen to the slap and the difference in pitch!

The third installment of my attempt to turn a large Djembe on my rather smallish lathe. In this episode I’m turning the Djembe around, fix my steady rest, and start hollowing out the stem. Patreon: Instructables: Pinterest: Facebook: Reddit: Songs in this video are: Pierce Murphy – Versailles Novelty Citizen […]

The iDrum team reviews a new range of offerings from the guys at Atlas Percussion, including a cajón, djembe and cowbell. See the full review at or in the July issue.

Order Airdidge at Airdidge is the only ultra light weight carbon fiber didgeridoo that packs into a 15 inch tube. With a weight of 1.2 lbs and a packed length of 14.57 inches, this instrument is the ideal companion for traveling. Fully extended, the Airdidge measures 73 inches and plays in the key of […]

The latest in Korg’s assault on electronic percussion full review text here: Featuring a pad, plus addition clip pickup, loop recorder , effects and built in patterns.

New way for me to rough out drums thanks to the new Harbor Freight Saw Mill and a little creativity. I managed to cut my roughing time by more than half! Sweet. Oh and I added an Addendum to the end showing the drum on the lathe and how balanced it is. It was a […]

Buying a djembe? Here’s some tips and useful info you should think about. If you have anything to add please feel free to do so. Hope you find it useful. Check out or follow us on social media and our YouTube channel for more

Here is the Artisan Edition Tongo Carved Djembe from MEINL Percussion (AE-DJTC2-L). This is a drum carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood with a 12″ hand selected goat head. For more MEINL Djembe videos click here

Get the Sensory Percussion Drum Sensor Kit here: Get the bundle with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface here: See all Sensory Percussion products and bundles here: Forget anything you know about conventional MIDI drum triggers — the Sensory Percussion drum sensor system absolutely takes drum triggering to a whole new level. This sensor […]

Check out the Tascam current pricing: CLICK! If you want to bookmark my Amazon affiliate link that would be amazing Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Become a Patron and help me out! Also, Thank you to all my Patrons! Housey3 Shurtugal08 Louis Cohen Pabz FluffyGT

A product that forgoes aural fireworks in favor of a more intimate listening experience. This is my assessment of the Abacus DAC, by Heed Audio. Heed Audio Company Page: US Distributor Company Page: Intro music by: Jack Shaindlin – Let’s go Sunning.

Weedie Braimah pours his heart and soul into this solo djembe improvisation. Enjoy! Join us on Facebook: Welcome to World Beat 101… where you can learn to play with the world’s best instructors! Courses in African percussion – djembe, bass drums, balafon & more. World Beat 101 is a resource for anyone interested […]

Have a gander at the Toca Freestyle II Rope-Tuned Djembe. Weather resistant, extremely durable and they sound great in all environments… View Our Latest Deals: ——————– Vini has been teaching drums since 2008 from his studio at the Academy of Music and Sound (AMS) in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket in the heart of the Old […]

In this demonstration of the RAV Vast B Celtic Minor Double Ding, AJ Block demonstrates different chord progressions that can be played. This lesson can also be applied to any other handpan or RAV drum. What does “double ding” mean? Double ding means there are two low notes, and this is one of the only […]

Hello! I’m in the Netherlands and filmed this video on a boathouse. It’s a very calm and relaxing environment to sit back, relax and enjoy all the little things in life including ASMR! The boathouse belongs to very good friends of mine who have a lot of very interesting objects which they collected over the […]

Vidéo de démo d’un djembé fabriqué par BaraGnouma, atelier spécialisé dans la fabrication et vente en ligne d’instruments de musique traditionnelle d’Afrique de l’Ouest.