YUM Dinger Review – What You Need To Know | Bass Fishing

We’ve been fishing the YUM Dinger for a few years now, and decided to give you a full review, to help you decide whether or not this is the soft plastic stick bait for you.

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Derrick Lozer Fishing says:

All I use!

Jose Rincon says:

I would say the Gary Yamamoto are better but I agree that Yum Dingers are more durable and honestly for the price you can’t beat a Yum Dinger!

ZetruxMC says:

For me personally, Yum Dingers last 1 fish per bait. Same with Yamamoto. Im my opinion Gander Mountain Senkos are the best. They can last up to 3 fish

Bass Fish Dude says:

Yum baits are sweet!

Connor Erhardt says:

Were you wacky rigging with an ewg hook?

Old Lady Angler says:

Yum is my favorite stick bait too!

TherdKoast says:

I call them dumb fingers:)

Great shaky head bait!

Isaac Pelletier says:

Love ’em! I’ve bought one pack of senkos after fishing dingers for a solid year and I never bought another pack of senkos. They just dont last as long and they’re too expensive. They both catch fish extremely well.

Cody Georgel says:

love em yums

Woodsman101 says:

I love yum dingers

Joseph Evotil says:

Perfect blend of low price and great quality. Yum Dingers are my go to stick bait.

Liams House says:

i love that your wife ACTUALLY can fish…and enjoys it! thats a keeper man…all day….
love the videos, keep them coming.

DUGJigginVA says:

she knows how to set that hook… make videos with her more… encourage those females to fish more !!! Great video !!! my 2 biggest fish came off of a dinger here in Virginia !!!

Zac S. says:

luv me sum yums

weouchhere says:

Yum dinger catches fish !

Joseph Stahl says:

if I’m throwing a weightless stickbait it i has to be a senko because it sinks a bit faster but if I’m using a ned rig, neko rig, or a weighted wacky rig the YUM Dinger works great and is very cost effective.

midwestfisherman says:

I love the Yum Dngers. My favorite color is green pumpkin with the chartreuse tip. I catch a lot of fish on that bait!

N-GO MIKE says:

Sounds good to me!

PCM24 97 says:

The yum dinger sinks too slow for me. I’d rather spend the extra 3 dollars on the yamamotos

MisterBassBoost says:

Great content

Hank Snow Outdoors says:

Nice review. I know there are just so many different types of this bait out there and Yum does make a quality product.

rm709 says:

Well edited and very nice info. Keep up the vids with your wife Glen! As another woman who fishes it’s sure nice to see. I’ve started using a worm hook wacky rigging it too. Best hookup ratio if your fishing shallow flats, submerged grass even.

Ricky White II says:

I absolutely love YUM DINGERS! Hands down my favorite stick bait! Great bang for your buck! Thanks for the video Glenn. Keep em coming!

The Bass Master says:

Awesome video the Yum Dinger is my favorite stick bait as well

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