Yamaha TRBX304 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Demo

Find exclusive Yamaha TRBX304 4-String Electric Bass Guitar BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Jake Blake plays the Yamaha TRBX304 4-String Electric Bass Guitar at Kraft Music.

The 4-string TRBX304 and 5-string TRBX305 basses are built around a simple principle – your performance. The perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogany body provides the optimum tonal foundation while the Performance EQ active circuitry gives instant access to perfectly dialed-in stage-ready tones coupled with the expressive control you need. With Yamaha’s unique combination of advanced design, precision engineering and time-honored craftsmanship, the Yamaha Guitar Development team has created the perfect instrument for bass players who aren’t ready to compromise. An instrument that offers unparalleled comfort and playability combined with construction you can depend on, designed and built to be the core of your music.

Get more for your money with Kraft Music’s exclusive BUNDLES! These basses don’t ship from Yamaha with any accessories, so we have you covered with everything you need to keep your bass in playing condition. Whether all you want is a gig bag, strap, and guitar stand, or prefer to upgrade and get a hard-shell case, tuner, and more, we have a money-saving package deal for you!


Mike Williams says:

great review thanks

Jeremiah Johnson says:

I hate yalls BBQ sauce and cheese.

Cynthia Stelle says:

Do they have it in short scale? Please tell me they do, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. That mist green finish is beautiful, good choice for display

PIlotrcm says:

The only draw back I can think is when you slap, because of the pickup poles, the string can strike the pole creating an unpleasant loud “click” on the neck pickup. I notice some very high end active bass pickups don’t have the poles on the pickups, I guess in order to avoid the “clack”. Solutions? I guess a heavier gauge string?

T.I.N Mateus says:

Because I use a bass preamp pedal this bass will have its mids dialed quite well.Im going for the Mist Green TRBx304

Joe Downer says:

Does flat turn off the active eq or do you need to get the tbrx4 for that

Jorge Sanchez says:

This or the 505

prabodha Kathriarachchi says:

Awesome bass and wonderful playing.
May I please know whether you do online bass classes.

M. Faisal Hidayat says:

Really cool bass.

funk99xxx says:

Well these sound way better than I thought they would

RXC 7T101 says:

this looks sweet i want one! oh right, i don’t know guitar. damn.

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