Yamaha RBX170 Bass Review

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The bass was recorded in to logic Pro @ 48k via a DBX db12 DI box straight into a RME OctaMic II, other than bringing the level up for the video there is no other processing or compressing.

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This bass is so affordable and yet it delivers a huge pallet of tonal options. Build quality, finish and feature set are excellent as it the playability of this bass, at this price point I really can’t fault it!

Here’s what Yamaha say about the RBX170 Bass Guitar

Body: Agathis
Neck: Bolt-on maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 250mm (10″) radius
Frets: 24
Scale length: (864mm) 34″
Pickups: Two single coils
Controls: Volume, Volume, Master Tone
Bridge: Chrome vintage style with four individual saddles

The RBX170 represents a price breakthrough for the RBX range, yet the quality is everything you’d expect from a Yamaha bass. The solid agathis body – in an attractive choice of colours – shares the range’s sleek, wide-cutaway contours, allowing the player easy access right to the top of the 24-fret, full-scale neck which carries a genuine rosewood fingerboard.
Powering is by two punchy, clear-voiced single-coil pickups, with the volume and tone controls augmented by a pickup balance control for added sonic versatility and expression.
Available Colours:


red metallic

dark blue metallic

Take it easy all

Stick out…

Recorded and Produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis — Maplewood Studio


Alex Rysham says:

recorded with it few years ago and played it again @ the guitar shop vs some of other more expensive model. what i can say this bass got more rock and metal punch that fills out the mix nicely. sounds really solid

tomoya97 says:

Having this a first bass, what should be the next step? (I have a Fender P-Bass in mind)

Paul 'Stick' Annis says:

Cool, let me know what you think or post a video response!


Nicholas Skific says:

What is the difference between the 170 and the 170EW

Can Tekdemir says:

Can you make a review about court gbjb?

sjeverett75 says:

I just traded a Dean Evo guitar for one of these basses. I had been wanting a pJ setup with a J neck. I have a fender p bass and the weight differece is crazy. At first glance I would have sworn the yammi was a short scale since it looked so much smaller and lighter. Too bad I have to work tonight so I won’t have time to get really familiar with it just yet.

Iván Piedrahita says:

1:53 XD

virginia hernandez says:

2, days ago i got my first bass, this YamahaRBX170 and then i wanted to find out which it was so i found your video , im working hard , im gonna try to be a great female bass player, i already learned basic songs and notation and basics, wish me luck xD!

Paul 'Stick' Annis says:

Great to hear and thanks for the nice feedback. I will continue!


Sagara Yoshiharu says:

hi ,
How can I change my tune on my bass guitar like you did at 4:50 – 6:00 ?please help me.. im just started learning/play bass guitar..

brody ellyson says:

I love this bass been using it for the past 3 years I even use it for my bands shows I play at a drop A# and it still provides wonderfully

Alex Kaiser says:

what amps would you recommend for a beginning bass player? preferebly on the low budget end.

Erick Lopez says:

i own one but i am concern about the fret noise it makes, im not sure if its my technique or the bass

Guy Metal says:

Great review, answered all my questions before I had to ask them! Thanks for this. Definitely getting it for my first bass.

Bugra Yasar says:

Shall i buy this or Ibanez Gsr200?

Kağan Özdemir says:

can this be used in amateur gigs? and can i upgrade it with better pickups? thinking about buying one soon, please help me

Miguel Picard says:

Sir Paul, first of all, congratulations for the amazing videos! I’m think I’ll buy a ( used ) Yamaha RBX 170 bass. I’m 15 and im not that tall… so as you said, this bass fits me perfectly. You also said that this bass has got a really good price and indeed it does. If you can, could you send me some tricks and tips about the bass or about bass playing (im a beginner and i want to create a band)?

Thanks a lot!

Pedro7st says:

its a great bass , the relation pricequality is just awesome , i saw lots of basses and this is the best 😀 thanks for the review you helped me a lot , i love your videos , continue like that 😀 ( sorry for the poor english , i’m from portugal : )

mtdawgy says:

I have a Blue RBX170 that is about 5 years old or so…I bought it used for $100. The only thing I had to do was add new strings and the bass sounds great…I also have a 1970’s UniVox Hi Flier that gives me great vintage, classic rock type sounds. But the RBX170 gives great all around sound and I find the fret board faster then a P-Bass. I’ve heard people make a small complaint that the electronics are passive and not active, but for the price, this bass does more than what you’d expect.

Mattias S says:

Damn, you really like to yell, don’t you?

Gigsand Busking says:

Just bought one although I’m not a bassist (guitarist singer) it feels and sounds great and is really going to add to my original song recordings, cheers

Joe Hearn says:

Excellent bass and excellent review. I love this video.

Cullen Kennedy says:

I have had my RBX 170 for about 2-3 years and it is a work horse and you can play anything from jazz to rock with it, amazing bass for the money recommend it to anyone who wants to start playing bass.

CrazyAlexxxxxx says:

Yes!! finally found a bass that is suitable for me!! I’m just 12 years old 🙂

Numan Nair says:

is it suitable for genres more to rock and metal?

Rashard Rolle says:

Hey does anyone knows how to change the batteries in these, mines is dead…..Its giving me a Distorted Tone when I turn up the volume, which hopefully means the batteries are dead or dying.

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