What I Love and Hate About This Bass – Schecter Hellraiser Extreme Bass Review and Demo

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Here is an in-depth review and demo of the Schecter Hellraiser Extreme Bass. In this review I walk you through all the features, pickup configurations, sounds and everything you can expect from this bass.


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Aaron Li says:

Came in for the review, stay for the performance. Man it’s a treat to watching your videos!
P.S. Buy the way, i think if you use 3 thin label,tape the 0 and 10 on the body, then use the last label tape it on the 0 of the knob, then it should help with the volume adjustment. Hope that can help you.

Nathan Tidwell says:

That is a awesome bass

The Bass Wizard says:

What do you think of this bass? Leave a comment and let me know!

alexfithero says:

I like the emg pickups sound. What you think about 5 strings I got a four now I don’t even wanna play the five

basic mario tu-toriales says:

I like alot the bridge

Terry Remaly says:

Nice sounds good

Midu_ 05 says:

Wow! This is a beautiful bass! I was thinking that the Jazz Bass was the most versatile bass 🙁

Paulo Santiago says:

Beautiful Bass ..

Liam Goethals says:

Great review i really like the option to switch between humbucker and single coil and you probably already know this but if you like metal and slap you should listen to KoRn and Mudvayne sometime

DrumRoody says:

What was the song you played during the bass arrangement?

Treelambs says:

Can u try reviewing the Davie 504 signature bass

Vester Schuitema says:

Thanks Marc for the review and what you say about the volume knobs yes I understand you with that perfectly because it’s not really in hand distance when you want to put the volume down in the gig what you where saying but thanks for the review video and your honesty

Jason 1010huang says:

The bridge is pretty dirty hahahaha

Amehd Cabrera says:

sound excellent, by the way could you try reviewing a Schecter Omen Extreme-4

Spazzsticks says:

My problem with neck thru basses is that if you mess them up, your done for lol. Its just my paranoia though xD

PushOak says:

Great video. Thanks

Mateo R says:

When I’m playing and I need to mute my bass, I just turn on my polytune pedal. Easier than fiddling with knobs and accidentally adjusting your eq

KillingerDOOM says:

I don’t like that model of bass. It’s… like the retarded brother of a better bass

Chris Iron says:

Nice review, can you do a review on Marcus miller V7 ?

Slick Savage says:

Came for the thumbnail stayed for the tunes. Great video man keep it up

Brandon .Watt says:

that’s a pretty spec’ed out bass for 1K. great for any bass player really

Lloyd Toh says:

Nice review, could you try reviewing a precision/p-style bass?

fa şo says:

this sound is really powerfull

Thane Bridges says:

love the look of this bass but to be honest couldn’t tell the difference between the 3 band EQs.

Ryan Entereso says:

Sounds good. But so metal m/

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