What I Love and Hate About This Bass – Musicman Stingray 5 Bass Full Review

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Here is a full review of my Musicman Stingray 5 bass, including everything I love and hate about this bass.

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Ryan Entereso says:

Hi Marc. Just an unbiased suggestion. You may try a mono warsaw strap. Absorbs the weight of the guitar quite well.

Ryan Entereso says:

Hello what is the color finish of your music man bass? Thanks.

Whatthony Scoretano says:

Oh man that tapping was fantastic, don’t know how I cant get that kind of sound out of my Ibanez Sr505, maybe its my action?

Silvano Schwetscher says:

9:52 Oh Man :'(

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Love that bass in parallel mode.

Joseph C says:

best bass for every style. same problems though heavy and g string. nothing sounds like it.

jcgarciamusic says:

Hi! if your musicman bass is recent, the switch is: 1 position: Series. 2 Position: Series +filter. 3 Position: parallel. check this https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/static.music-man.com/website/images/instruments/pickups/bodies-1/body-47.jpg?1454009107

HereticJudgment says:

Hey, Marc – any ideas which bass may be alternative to heavy Stingray 5? Really love the sound – but I can’t play basses heavier than 4 kg…

Tymek Herman says:


jflbassgroove says:

BTW,a  Stingay 4 pickup is always in Parallel… Since 1976!

ChadGlassify says:

I agree w/you. I have a Stingray 4-string, a Slo-Special, and it’s very heavy. I love the tone and power of the active setup, but not the weight.

Jay Miner says:

I’d like your opinion on the Schecter Stage-4

Erik Kuipers says:

I have a similar model and immediately noticed the issue with the G-string sliding off the fretboard.
To solve the issue, I had my nut replaced with a custom one and now the G-string is a bit more centered, just enough to have it not slide accidentely off the board while playing.

Andrea Politi says:

Hi, the the PickUp is 3 coil?

Jeffrey Chatman says:

Does the string spacing annoy you? Narrow string spacing has always been a deal breaker on 5s for me.

P Jenks says:

My Ibanez 5 string does the SAME THING. very annoying.

Fernando Vásconez says:

Hi, greart sound and skills, have you ever try the stingray5 from Sterling? have any comments, I have one and I love it. Whats your position about the “cheap” instruments.

David says:

That sweet intro ….

Thisbaconisalive says:

My Fender Jazz bass actually has the same issue with the G string. It’s not as bad because the frets aren’t rounded but yeah, a slight slip and you’re hammering off onto a dead note.

Flumpman G8XYJ says:

Couldn’t agree more with you, with regard the pulling off to the open G String! Been playing my 5 string stingray for 3.5 years now and that is the only thing I would change!!

Han van Litsenburg says:

Hi Marc. The fretboard thing sl;iding off on the g string is something I can absolutely acknowledge. I just thought it was an adjustment thing on my particular instrument. Good to know it’s not. But about the weight..I played a Fender Jazz from ’74 for years wich was really heavy, but didn’t know any better, it was my first serious bass. I could play that thing for hours without problems, though I kinda knew it was heavy. So when I finally got my MM5 it was quite light for me. Goes to show it’s also a matter of perspective. Anyway, love this bass too for the same reasons you pointed out. Thanks!!

Picropideng says:

“this bass will literally cut through anything”. But will it blend? that is the question

onzkicg says:

Nice modern tone. When bass is priced $800 and above, you know what to expect. I remember thinking for so long in the music store many years ago between this bass (Ray /Asia version) vs. Fender Jazz bass . I purchased the J bass in the end but It was a real tough fight. Maybe my next bass would be this.

Eivan lml says:

Wich one do you like the best, this stingray or the shecter that you have?

Nicki Tedesco says:

I like your technique especially the left hand muting.

Gary Zito says:

I’ve never had any problems with my P bass getting lost in the mix. I use a brighter tone with a little overdrive and it cuts through two loud guitarists pretty well.

Andrei Urucu says:

Siri’s mode

Bass Player says:

If I had that pull-off problem I would replace the nut and cut the slots slightly closer, this is really an easy fix and cheap also.
Starting in 2018 these basses are over one pound lighter! (NAMM)

jesuguru says:

G-string problem was one of the main reasons I chose against this bass. Ironically, my friend has a $150 OLP 5-string that does *not* have that issue for whatever reason. If a knockoff can avoid it, why not the real thing that costs 10x more?

BoomChockolaca says:

how about a warwick basses? they have powerfull and full sound, like music man , but more agressive and metal style

Dave Sparrow says:

Of course there’s more room to pull off the G on a four string. They have to cram 5’s in a bit closer. Get yourself a Ray 4 if you need more room .

Sillas Lucena says:

About the wheight, you could get one of those double straps, they divide the wheight between both shoulders…

TheYummyBurrito says:

Do you wear that hat just to fuck with people at this point?

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