Top 5 | Best-selling Bass Guitars | 2017

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Russell bringing you the top five best selling bass guitars of the year 2017! Yeah!
See him grooving, slapping and popping through your favourite electric bass guitars.

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Introduction

0:30 Cort P4 Plus AS | Talking
1:41 Active vs. passive | Playing
2:42 Pickup comparison | Playing
3:48 Testing the EQs | Playing

5:00 Marcus Miller P7 Swamp Ash | Talking
5:30 Testing the EQs | Playing
5:48 Pickup comparison | Playing
6:11 EQ knobs | Treble & Mid | Playing
7:29 Master Tone | Playing
7:50 Active vs. passive | Slapping
8:14 Active vs. passive | Finger style

8:52 Harley Benton JB-75 SB Vintage Series | Talking
9:17 Playing begins
9:46 Pickup comparison | Playing
10:19 Testing the EQs | Playing

11:01 Höfner HCT-500/1-DBR | Talking
11:59 Playing begins
12:23 Rhythm vs. Solo switch | Playing
12:40 Pickup comparison | Playing
13:48 Bass switch vs. Treble switch on / off | Playing

14:49 Fender Mustang Bass PJ PF | Talking
15:44 Playing begins
16:26 Motowny sound | Tone know down | Playing
17:01 Pickup comparison | Playing

18:18 Outro

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jeffrey bright says:

just what i expected from a Man -Bun …. Whacky and feminine .. with a beard …

WebJunk dotCom says:

Cort P4 or B4? Or misprint in your description?

Charlie G says:

This guy doesn’t sound very bright

Spooky Socks says:

I hear Red Clay!

Wayne Carroll says:

Red Clay & All Blues go figure . . .

Fiatala Salamo says:

Man, that Hofner sounds good. Any long (34) basses have that same sound character? I love the sound, but I have a lot of issues with the move to short scale.

Franco Melluso says:

15:57 That sound like “Tan solo” from “Los piojos”

paul torr says:

The Marcus Miller sounds great

Faith and Love says:

The p7 is really poppy I love it ! Although the cort being seemingly more variable….maybe the different styles you played on each didn’t compare clearly, should use a generic rhythm but pick out the aims of the individual guitar with other pieces to suit….Marcus Miller clean sound bit eighties rock I felt but if am honest I’d prefer an active for the optional variation, weight is bad but some players like to sit on a stool sometimes or may be disabled so no qualm there…the Hofner, that’s nice, different but with a few qualities and pulling that rock scale SuPeR sweet ! Yeh LoViN the hofner ! Mustang looks the part, different for sure I’ve not seen it before, sounds very generic to start with but that rasp was unusual, the Sally section switch is sharp n crisp but not greatly clear, Great over all and different, that’s very likeable, I’d play one but I like longer neck ! Nice review, thanks for the heads up !

mykidpatkinsing John says:

No Ricks???

Frank Juster says:

that harley benton jazz bass looks dangerously close to a fender jazz bass…just sayin’.

Jian's World says:

Fender Mustang seems fun to play on 🙂

Kyle Mundy says:

0:35 “I really like the wood” – Russel Snyder

Olando McCall says:

These aren’t top sellers of 2017…

JA Joyride says:

Dude, learn to sculpt your Beard ….

Chrys R says:

That is normal sunburst finish…tobacco sunburst has no bright yellow/orange/red. Think browns like tobacco.

Emanuele Iovine says:

4:21 I love Jaco Pastorius

Jukebox says:

“we’re going to turn the tone nob all the way down and get a real motown sound” then its bright as shit, wtf??

neocollective says:

Oh…you are in Europe, here in the USA I didn’t even know they still make Cort basses.

Hitnrun69ify says:

Nice vid, question for you. What is that LCD box behind you and where can I get one?

Olivier Catrice says:

The Höfner bass has an incredible soft, round sound. It’s like warm chocolate with whipped cream.

Garnet Bezanson says:

Fender sounded the best, full and warm

rmp5s says:

I want that decibel meter that’s back over your right shoulder. lol

Lincoln Whisler says:

Typo in your description. You have the Cort listed as a P4, I think that should be B4. The Cort seems like it has very nice hardware for the price range. How would you compare it against an Ibanez SR300e or 500 series? Thanks!

Big T says:

There is nothing less funny than a German trying to be funny.

ondoa paulblaise says:

the cort is just too awesome

Dmitro Grunt says:

Cort is only for poorest Russian and Ukrainian, cheapest crap we can find in music stores.

Ulli Michel says:

Very happy, and surprised, to see the Mustang bass in the top five of 2017. All the love for short scale basses!

gregor cvetko says:

ugly mark bass electronics on cort…

Xubuntu47 says:

Hey, thanks for the free “Red Clay” lesson on that pretty Cort bass. I had been thinking of listening that again; nice to have the bass part isolated. Simple as it is, it’s still a challenge for a beginner like me. Gotta practice those R- 5-octave patterns, they’re so common. Do you use the looper when you play with a band?

Maximus Outland says:

Loving the Mustang even more…I want

Egg Man says:

That Cort bass, looks just like the Ibanez sr500pb 4 , I just bought one online at GC with an Peavey tour TNT bass combo amp.
I loved the way it plays but didn’t want the only one left in the store.

Alfie - says:

please review the hofner ignition series club bass!

KozmykJ says:

Is the Phil Jones Cub going through that cab beneath it?
Though the basses sounds like you’ve straight DI’ed them.

Kyle Mundy says:

Saw manbun, unsubscribed

AM Bragg says:

German Shia Labeouf.

Michael Marshall says:

The Fender, Then Cort and Hofner are the best as the other two I would not waste my money. The Fender I have played in a nice Sonic Blue and it sounds brilliant and compared basses much higher in price not bad..

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