The Ultimate Fender JB? — Fender American Elite Jazz Bass demo/review

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Hello friend, thanks for clicking on my video! I hope you enjoy my demo/review of the American Elite Jazz Bass by Fender. Could this be the ultimate 4 string Fender Jazz Bass? Spoilers: I genuinely think it could be. It’s [insert swear-word of your choice]-ing awesome. Well done Fender.

Anyhoo a big thank you as ever to the kind folks at Promenade Music for letting me borrow the bass to make this video!

See you all in the next video.


Bass: Fender American Elite Jazz Bass (Ocean Turquoise)
Amp: Markbass Little Mark III
Interface: M-Audio M-Track 2X2M (into Cubase LE 9)
Cameras: Sony HDR-CX240E (x2), iPhone 6s (front cam)


DISCLAIMER: I was not paid by Promeande Music nor by the manufacturer of the instrument to make this video.


aldo calosso says:

Is the best bass I heard, including in the list the P Bass Am. Elite that fortunately I play, which is maybe 2nd .

hahabass says:

Loving this review. Fun presentation with lovely playing. If I didn’t have so many axes this would be on the wish-list.

Speedshifter says:

good player but no pick? if the title says “ultimate” then why?

Tomek says:

Great review!…however sounds almost as good as mine Squier CV Jazz with CS 60s pickups on board 😉 Cheers!

Phước Trường Nguyễn says:

nhin bạn t hật cảm tình,cách chơi cũng chuyên nghiệp

Steven Scott says:


Tommy Lockett says:

Finally a review where the player doesn’t slap, you can actually hear the bass,thanks

1okanaganguy says:

I’m looking for a new Stingray 5 no more.

Thanks, mate.

mark3ve says:

Lol @ “this lit’l nublet right ‘ere.” Made my day.

Anthony Petrucci says:

Nice review, mate! The Elite Jazz Bass is one hella good Bass, but if I had to pick the ultimate Fender Jazz, it would be the Fender Select series that were released in limited edition in 2012 and 2013. Compound radius fretboard, quarter-sawn maple neck, custom Select series pickups, it’s the most solid and best playing Fender Jazz I’ve ever played, including the Elite series. The Elite would come in a close second neck and neck with the Custom Shop ’61 and ’64 and American Vintage ’64 Jazz Basses. And that’s just for Fenders. If we were talking the best Jazz Bass overall, it’s a Lakland US 44-60 hands down. Cheers!

Julia Buhr says:

….. nee, ich bleib bei meinem 62 S. Knob’s!

marc haik says:

Got this exact bass in the 5string version on order, and the wait is killing me!!

chris storrier says:

Why are the bass demo parts so much quieter than the talking ?!?!…i want to hear the bass guitar….

Sam Elowitch says:

Great review! Short, to-the-point, and delivered with humor. There should be more material like this on YouTube. Of course, now you’ve got me yearning for a bass I can’t really afford.

Max Bataglia says:

This is a Fender Porn Bass.

Paul Frantzis says:

Too damn bright sounding

de_dongle says:

Hey man, lovely playing, earned a sub! Do you know what strings were on this bass when you recorded this?

김대종 says:

What is this color?? Is it limited edition something?? I can not find out this color on homepage of fender…

Yvans Jean-Michel says:

that bass growls!!

seaskiff20 says:

1:34 LOL! Funny as hell. Great review.

AJ Ajoya says:

Can you make a demo/review for the elite precision bass?

de_dongle says:

finally someone doing reviews who can actually play

Željko Topalušić says:

Best jazz bass ever made and i mean it ….
I have one in natural maple and its a beast of bass.

Toghan Ozdoganlar says:

Fender eventually must gives up that full jazz body

Darkangl28 says:

I own the jazz and precision models, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. They’re pretty much everything I could have ever wanted in a bass.

Keith Pasculli says:

That bass is dead sexy!!

Liquid Streets gr says:

Comparing this with the Yamaha bb2024 which would you buy ? I saw the other review and I am wondering ! Quality wise , playability , tone ?

P Jenks says:

Great bass!! (more slapping next time!)

Paul Traynor says:

Nice Demo excellent

David Jones says:

Beautiful juicy deep clear sounding bass.

John T. says:

Great playing! What about the classic jazz bass noise you get when using each pickup separately? Does this thing has truly noiseless pickups?

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