The Epiphone Embassy PRO Bass Review by Chris Catero

Christ Catero of the band Razer reviews the Epiphone Embassy PRO Bass.


Rory McCallum says:

I absolutely love this.

Cheef Kleps says:

This looks really cool. I might have to pick one up, I love my Epiphone Thunderbird but it’s way too big and feels like a baseball bat. This sounds fantastic

BestTits says:

like it

Tender Craftsman says:

That is one amazing sounding bass by one killer bassist. 🙂

mjac28 says:

All that beautiful bass tone buried behind a wall of guitars :). l love this review right to the point.

Sam Weaver Studios says:

Really good review, it was kinda cool to hear him running through both classic rock and more contemporary alternative stuff. Good job Epiphone.

Jim Dragon says:

wish it was short scale. It would have a much bigger sound just like most of the Gibson’s vintage basses

Justin Betts says:

Glad to finally hear one of these… Too bad you took 13 minutes to basically show us one tone.

Yuval Shrem says:

Sounds great and has tons of character!
Would love to hear the tone of the bridge pickup without distortion on it…
Any chance you can please post the clean tone of the bridge pickup (which was skipped here)?

seb wg says:

It’s described as a lightweight bass but do you know what is the weight exactly ?

mjac28 says:

sounds great and it’s only $399

Matthew Graham says:

4:15 Suck My Kiss!

Jacob Sanchez says:

Nice Canadian suit! Jk. Great review! As someone who has been playing guitar for a while and switched recently to teaching myself bass, I can really appreciate such a solid and straightforward review like this one. You went through all the tones and played some riffs that I enjoy, and no mindless fretboard wankery that I think is all too common in a lot of guitar-related gear review videos.

Paul Peacock says:

Would’ve been nice to hear the tone of the bass without overdrive. I rarely use anything besides a little eq and some compression and this review left me with hardly any idea of what the bass actually sounds like.

eric m says:

Reminds me of a Wilshire, fuck yeah

Klaüs Smooth says:

Is there some drive on amp? If not this is a must buy.

Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe says:

Almost has a “Rick” vibe. With this price tag… tempting!

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