The Best Jazz Bass For The Price? – Schecter Diamond J Plus Review

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Here is a full review of the Schecter Diamond J Plus. It has a jazz bass style body with active electronics and is capable of producing a wide range of sounds.

In this video I show you how versatile this bass can be with all of its different pickup configurations and EQ by playing several examples with different techniques such as fingerstyle, slap, playing with a pick, tapping, etc.

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UncleGrunt says:

Not for me, Clive

Ariel L. Lázaro says:

This was the first review that I did not find it boring.

Bassist Akatski says:

the tuner, nut, materials, the price. could we compare that to sire and fender the touch and feelings if you play schetcter,fender and sire maybe v9 is much better to compare coz it’s their highend. thank you 🙂

Daniel Kotyński says:

Test Sire V7 😀

Dmitry Gavrisenko says:

ah, finally the review I’ve been waiting for. Thanks a lot for the great video. More Basses review please. If possible – a musicman stingray with humbucker+sigle coil setup

rene madrid says:

Does the knob you push and pull, works as an active/passive switch, or it only sounds with batteries on it ?

kahwigulum says:

I picked up a Schecter Diamond Omen-4 about a year ago brand new. I have to say, I’m totally impressed having heard almost nothing about Schecter in the past. I’m definitely going to look for more of their stuff in the future.

G says:

Sire V7, matches this bass feature for feature, sounds better and is much less expensive, it’s active/passive and the Sire V7 pickups sound much better than the Quarter Pounders in the Diamond J Plus.

Naveen Kumar Mavi says:

Any issue with the string action thing?

P Jenks says:

It looks a LOT like a sire S7 ( i think)

The Bass Wizard says:

What should I review next??

MrDangard says:

Out of phase sounds like a Rickenbacker and also a hollow body bass.

alexfithero says:

I wanna buy your course but I’m so nervous lol if I’ll understand it and it will be in laymens terms it seems like people expect you to already know Bass I’m knew to getting into bass and I wanna learn more eagerness drive

zonq zonqiewicz says:

I just ordered one with a natural finish. Can’t wait for it! Thanks for the great review:) I’m actually wondering what (if anything) you don’t like about this bass except for phase switch?

Cody Waldron says:

Man you just sold me on this. Schecter is one of the few companies that make a 35” scale length 5 string, left handed bass! Gonna have to order this one soon! Great review as always!

Roland Ravina says:


RootsBassCanada says:

Good review!

davidgtsi says:

man this is an awesome review. I like all the different options creating the changing sounds. Is this your go to base overall? Compared to your Music man, I know it’s a 5 string, which do you prefer?

hiephoi058 says:

harley benton jb-75

mo- xyz says:


Leo of Red Keep says:

Oh, it has an “out of phase” feature. First time I see this on a bass. It’s quite seldom on guitars too. It can produce some really angry, biting, wicked sounds together with overdrive or be interesting with modulation effects.
Single coils are wired in series in humbucking pickups. It generates a higher output and the thicker sound we know from humbuckers.

the 400 lbs chilean windsurfer says:

loving the reviews man!

Rand G says:

I was impressed with Marcus Miller’s blast. What you played was very attractive, could you give me a lecture on it?

Frank Juster says:

for the price?the fender squire vintage modified (don’t laugh) jazz bass…$399.00!

Headbaning Piper Mike says:

Thanks for the review, I am looking for a J-style and almost bought the older passive version of the Diamond J last weekend. I like the edgy tone on it. I am just trying do decided if I should spend the extra money for the newer version, I don’t thin I can go wrong either way, But there are some really nice pugrades on the new one, You made the decision a little tougher for me!

William Pierce says:

I have the 5 String version of this bass and I use the volume phase out feature on the verses of Lenny Kravitz “Fly Away”. Good review!

Uachtar says:

I would say, review what you think would be good for us. You are the expert. Sometime what we want is not what we need !

Ken Jo says:

I own this bass too! Got it for $300, where are the knobs at in when you use it in gigs/recordings?

kiki the gerbil says:

really nice until you look at the head stock…. no wonder eddie was thinking its was a fender…. every company try to copy the best

Brooks Smith says:

That bass vs sire Marcus Miller?

Jason Rosner- Bass says:

Nice review-! Schecter makes some of the best stuff for the money- I love the necks on them- what is the body made of?
P.S. The out of phase thing used to come on old peaveys- you can use it in the studio to imitate a baritone for octave doubling, or eq in frequencies from a plug in/ outboard to make up for the lack of power and imitate other bass sounds ( pretty involved, but interesting )

bemolable says:

Sire V7 is the answer

Steve Lockwood says:

It would be cool for your opinion of number of strings and why? 4,5,6,7?

Also it would be cool to get your opinion of the sire. Your an amazing player and we value your opinion.

Bass Player says:

I have a studio series 5 string and it’s very good, I used to have to spend at least 2 grand to get this quality. It even has stiffeners in the neck.

ZblockWoW says:

Amazing sound. What strings were used in this video?

Jim Albruzzess says:

What do you think about the tuners and bridge? Good or bad?

Denise Mobers says:

I just got my brand new Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 in the See through Black yesterday… I’m freaking in LOVE! I live near Drum City Guitarland… Jason Kae took 3 days to order my bass from Schecter. Ross Lawson set it plays beautifully. Still think Schecters are on top of the line.

Andrew Pounds says:

Good review very helpful

Frank Juster says:

just a brief comment to fellow subscribers about my personal favorite budget priced bass , try the epiphone viola bass…beautiful & sounds like a CANNON!

Righteous Capo says:

ok this bass vs sire v7?

emil Klomberg says:

It would be awesome if you do some more lessons: Gig stuff but also dubble thumbing

Steve Lacey says:

How important is a powerful/quality backline when the sound guy would love a clean (silent) stage. How can you work and maintain the groove with a drummer? Does everyone need in-ears and  personal mix?

Losbass says:

Great review man! , very nice bass, and loved that Vedder story ! Subscribed

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