THE BEST BASS KIT for your FIRST BUILD (only $65) Full Review + Demo

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Unfortunately the price of this kit has gone up to a whopping $72 now (US warehouse shipping option) this happens often, the price changes between when I film the video and when it’s uploaded. Sorry about that guys.

This kit is branded by Ammoon, the same brand that made that awesome mini looper pedal I reviewed. The first thing I noticed is while it’s a standard 3 Piece basswood body that you’d expect at this price point, it actually has beautiful wood grain. It does have a knot in it, which I think most people would consider a flaw, but I just think it adds character. But still, look at this thing, this is the best wood grain I’ve seen on a basswood kit. I’m sure I just got lucky with this one, I wouldn’t expect them all to look this good. The neck has excellent figuring in it as well. And the fretboard is actual rosewood, not that Blackwood treks crap that we are starting to see due to that import/export ban on rosewood. Something else you’ll notice about the neck is the headstock. The picture online shows it pre shaped, but the one I received is a paddle so you can shape it yourself, which is awesome. I much prefer to shape my own headstock, so this is really good news. Last thing about the neck, the frets look like they haven’t been touched, so I expect They will need to be leveled and crowned. The neck fits in the neck pocket pretty snug. upon closer inspection, I noticed that it had been shimmed at the factory to get this tight fit. That’s pretty rare. Most of the time with these kits they would just send it to you with a loose or sloppy fit. So major props there for fixing it at the factory. Lastly, the kit came with the standard crappy hardware and cheap electronics. I expect some of it will get the job done, and some of it will need to be replaced. This kit also came with an unexpected set of instructions that seem to be some kind of hybrid between Chinese, English, and google translator. And they read….

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George Krabs says:

Great to see you back Dan all the best for you and your family for Christmas Looking forward to your next video (in Chinglish)
Longing forward happiness from assembly possible to complete for pleasure resulting colour selection shooting spray gun achievable Shaping headstock decision copyright destruction particular personalisation without malice Final individual adjusting for gratification stimulation accomplished of worthiness for setup finds result among highest plains attainable for longevity string gauge Hardware ok for reason able and picks up of a ceramic nature Al Nico of desired financially capable around $50
Note when it’s regarding money it’s very clear and understandable

Ralph Benitez says:

Can you review one of those headless Steinberger style basses?

Mr.Mundee says:

thx dan this will make a good christmas present for my dad

Travis Cook says:

Headless guitar kit from tomtop would be cool to try.

USA Brotherrr says:

Dan, can you color this one purple?

johnnie cameron says:

Yea the bridge pickups are weak in mind to ,I’ll PROBABLY BURN MINE

Harison Matthews Photography says:

Wow, that’s sick! I want one… i think… can you show us your pedal board?

Steven Curtis Chapman's Biggest Fan says:

Cool people also show us their your pedal board… are you cool?? Will you take the step??

Chayse88Black says:

I actually got my mini compressor from Tomtop. I had never heard of the site, but after seeing your video with the mini pedals I thought I’d give the Kokko mini compressor pedal a try. It works fantastic as the start of my pedal circuit. I honestly didn’t think it would sound as well as it did. Video of the pedal doesn’t do it justice.

johnnie cameron says:

I got a ,ammoo n bass the truss rod is not good

Sean D says:

Dan, your videos kick ass and are inspiring. Not only am I building an AR, but I’m planning on building a P Bass. I can’t wait to see what you do with this jazz bass!

Mason Norman says:

Hey Dan, I’m a longtime musician but never picked up alot of the skills as far as swapping pickups, Luthier work etc. Any videos you could do that would give beginners a few tips on guitar building/maintenance would be killer.

Darrell Haase says:

Possibly do a video on Bass pickups. What to buy when upgrading one of the kits for different sounds.

Jarrett James says:

That was Kool

Fred Gonzalez says:

Dan, you’ve done it again. Great vid!

ThrashingBasskill says:

High end Bass please! 😀

John Duplantier says:

I’ve watched most of your guitar build videos, and really appreciate the insight on how they look and feel, and how to fix them.

Also, solid honesty at the beginning there.

Chris Campbell says:

Was looking for something like this. So I snagged one thanks

Timmy Remington says:

Definitely would like to see a double neck build on the channel

Keifer Chase says:

You doing a great job man. By far one of my favorite channels! Keep up the great work.

james singh says:

Hey Dan great vid. I ordered the kokko distortion pedal after seeing your video. It would be great if u could make a couple of videos showing the complete and detailed process for leveling your fret board and painting the body.

Weeaboo Trashski says:

Finally, a different backing track. This demo has so much more groove to it.

Will Martinez says:

My tone knob on this kit doesn’t work either

Jimmi Guitarz says:

You killed it again! Love your channel. Keep it up.

Armor Max says:

Awesome review! Now mod the shit out of this bass m/

Samuel Chuaungo says:

I know you got these other kits, but can you do a prs style kit? Maybe longer vids on the paint job etc.?

Kevin Waldron says:

Yes dude! Definitely turn it into a jaguar!!!
I just picked one of the CIJ jags up for a steal lately but I want another to try some cool dyes/stains out with a diy jaguar

Ag Herbert says:

Jaguar bassss :v plox <3

Kevin Sebastián says:

I love your videos man, keep going! Saludos desde Ecuador

Nathan Hassall says:

These guitars are fantastic! I recently bought a shipment of them for re-sale and they are practically flying off the shelfs! I sell them at $70 because it takes around $5 worth of my time and effort to fully contruct the intrument. With this price margin I only need to sell 400 of these guitars a month to make store rent…the rest on top of that is almost all profit. This is like some kind of secret gold rush shhhhhhhh p.s your gun shirt will never make all those tough years in high school go away bro. Its time to put on big boy clothes.

Manny LvL says:

Finally someone did this product I was wondering

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