Taramps Bass 3K Amp Dyno Test and Review [4K]

Time to test another Taramps! This time the “dealer exclusive” Bass 3K, unlike most Brazilian amps is designed exclusively for subwoofers. We will take a closer look at this amp, test it on the Amplifier Dyno and also compare it to the HD3000 to understand the differences.

See other Brazilian amps I’ve tested: https://goo.gl/u3HyP4
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Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NrdJOx
eBay: https://goo.gl/oMuQjF
Bass 3K on eBay? https://goo.gl/qQ3CxW
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SMD / D’Amore Engineering Amp Dyno: https://goo.gl/sJTcf7
XS Power D1400 Batteries – https://amzn.to/2BPFCKW
XS Power PSC60 Charger – https://amzn.to/2CHGcfs
Fluke 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter: https://amzn.to/2Rw5WDA
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**** About This Video ****
In this video Dereck from Williston Audio Labs reviews a Taramps Bass 3K Amplifier


Team_GP_417 says:

I’m sticking with my Korean boards

jeanious2009 says:

0g input terminals are not needed. just place the fuse holder as close to the amp as possible then go with a short 4g wire from fuse to amp. 0g wire from battery to fuse, problem solved

Roguestatus650 says:

Dude I have the Taramps 3000 hd and I’m having issues with it cutting out on bass notes

James Mayberry says:

Taramps gained alot of respect for me when they showcased how their amps were made. Almost All parts made in house which was cool to see their process. I would buy from them but I think they do need to listen to some suggestions like you said with adding 1/0 gave inputs knowing thats what most people run in their car. A little displeased with the fan noise…hopefully they can solve that issue and the upper bass notes not being totaly there..But overall not bad.

Scale MOB Scalers says:

Thanks for another good one! Any chance for the HD10k?

Shawn Broyles says:

I hope taramps listen up you are right on the money d

tmatthews0007 says:

How does something with those internals put the same power as something with more transformers and capacitors? Looks like the same board from a 1k or smaller.

tankdog03 says:

It’s like the put that board in a different smaller amps chassis and slapped new stickers on it, which is probably exactly what they did.. I’m still staying away from Brazilian bass amps, I may use one for mids & highs someday, but how is the sound quality on there full range amps? I currently run a deaf bonce 200.4d and would like an CLASS AB amp sometime maybe even the deaf bonce 180.4ab I just want quality sound from my mids

Gustavo Almeida says:

Hey Big D, from all the Brazilian amps, which brand did you like most? Great review on that video!

Wade Hensley says:

good on them for making the better amp for the dealers.

teddy gee says:

Any dyno info on a audiopipe apmi1300 1000 watt

Random Someone says:

Big D, you tell it like it is.
Much respect for that.
It is as rare as alien dookie.

Thank you for what you do.

jay m says:

Up to 300amp for only 3000watts is not great at all. Terriable amp

Drew Sharpe says:

Magic Mikes on the record!

CHAOZM4 says:

Stetsom and sound digital are better than the taramps

bondovwvw says:

Might be a good amp to match with some kicker cvrs . It’s going to be loud and play rap good and that’s about it with no sound quality.

Fryingpan says:

those terminals look like shit, did they use a hacksaw to make those holes?

Qoqz Good says:

Is this amp from amazon sale discount?

ItsSpeltGoogol says:

Nice job as always. I hope that you begin to show the part numbers on the transistors used in the amps. That can gives us some idea how close to the limit the power supply and amplifier sections run

Darrin Hill says:

My thoughts: Junk….. for the money or/ knock out , go Orion…

J Jimenez says:

Nice video man, i should test a stetsom amplifier EX300 EQ 1ohm

eddie yocom says:

LOL– $290 on ebay with US warranty

randall robles says:

Us old schoolers say that things were the shit back in our day.they were, but things are the shit even more for us now days, and we can build cool shit for our kids..its all about the shit..

supa dupa says:

The HD3000 was more efficient from what I saw

kenabi says:

for those wondering, EPCOS is a TDK subsidiary.

Mike 4you says:

Can you test the earthquake 2000 watt amp please the 2nd one

jay m says:

Having dealer only products is great. I think there should be a online msrp with no discounts. End the race to zero!

Mitch Bulmer says:

Big D can you do a test of an amp comparing output power using cca and ofc 0g wire to see what the real percentage is comparing the 2 types of wire please

Yamil Rivera says:

Hi nice vid I got 10k taramps platinum and I une 12 baterias for only 1 amp and 2 300 amps alternator for only 1 amp

Austin Oak says:

Dang thays some of the worst looking machining I’ve ever seen for the hookups

buddykiller says:

those guts look very similar (components wise) to some class d pro amps i’ve seen, but have been really hesitant to purchase. everything used to be so simple. if your amp claimed big numbers, but was light af, you got taken. if you cracked the case and there weren’t a buttload of fatass caps and massive wire, you got taken. not anymore! thanks again for the videos, we need guys like you now more than ever before, it’s getting more and more difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. at least they haven’t figured out a way to break ohm’s law yet, always check those fuse ratings gents!

Berzerk TD4W says:

Hey Big D, I’m sure you get many requests but if you wouldn’t mind testing a Hifonics ZXX series amp I’d love too see a video on it. I bought a BRX 3016.1 based off of your review of it and am now looking at something for a bunch of 6.5 coaxials I’d like to install. Their 2k ZXX was about 120 on Amazon which is a lot of power for the price. I’m wondering if it would still be real because hifonics seems to be a good brand, but that is almost too good to be true. Even hearing your thoughts would be and honor, or if anyone else reading this has an opinion I’d appreciate a response.

MSH68 says:

Biggie D, you a mutha bumpin bass pimp!!!
But, them tiny powa and ground inputs scare me!

henrique casonatto says:

check this brazilian amp soundigital power 3300.1D this is really 3k amp…

goseahawksgo says:

Meh. Def SounDigital over this.

Mike Raskin says:

Big,D I love your videos and your knowledge all most everything you’ve talked about, but the 4 gauge thing is not a problem. The distance the 4 gauge is going won’t cause loss it would be the same amount of loss that a fuse connection has. The other thing is if you look at the guts of the amp the power that comes from the outside is tremendously larger then what enters the amp enters the amp bored at the hand off between the outside power wire and the inside wire they transition over to a very small gauge at the board. Love your channel and videos

UniCrafter says:

my 2x150w amps have 4 gauge, this really needs more, most I’d want on 4 gauge would be 100A unless its a short run, 1/0 would suit this amp well

Dwayne Staley says:

Big D I got a T2000.1 that I really want tested. The birth
Sheet says that it puts out more power at 2ohms than at 1.

Eduardo Bairros says:

do the test in soundigital 3300 power

indopleaser says:

loved Oldschool stereo! the logo, the name, the idea. have no clue what williston audio labs is, as it was never explained. love your channel long time. just prefer one over the other. i dont know, is it an affiliateof yours

Anthony Taylor says:

I noticed that you said It didn’t have a lot of woofer control with tight bass? so would it be better to run this amp I’m combination with other amps? two on that amp. and a more controlled amp on more subs? what size speakers would you say the best low frequency would respond to?

Vicente Cortez says:

Nice video…. not they apm!

Destiny is Life says:

I found that having more batteries is a must over 3k. Last week I had two group 31 yellow optimas, friday I upgraded to 4 group 31 yellows and a starting battery. Sounds way better and my lights aren’t dimming anymore

Leandro Visk says:

Its a shame that almost all brazillian amplifiers use 4 awg power connectors, even in the “bass line”. Not even on the newer taramps MD line, i think they only use on 4k+ amplifiers 0 awg (or 00).

Funny that my JL XD400/4D uses a 4 awg and its only a “400” watts amp hahaha

Williston Audio Labs says:

See other Brazilian amps I’ve tested: https://goo.gl/u3HyP4
Shop for Taramps Amplifiers
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NrdJOx
eBay: https://goo.gl/oMuQjF
My Favorite Screwdriver Kit: http://amzn.to/2x0VzcE

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