STOP doing this to me…

This really makes me want to give up and delete my channel…

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Jake Johnson says:

A comment now

Koustav Bhattacharyya says:

The voice actor knows what Davie sounds like!

Alex Bingham says:

I want a heart

salvador allende says:

I got it

Raphy Laviers says:

I remember the days when this channel wasn’t a meme.

some guy says:

Bet won’t give me a heart rn

batman king1207 says:

I want a heart

Andrew Maina says:

can I come back and take my comment later on?

Alexia esalex says:


Music is Life! says:

Rate your basses.

ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ᴄᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ʀᴇᴀʟ says:

he speaks?

WippityWop says:

I get it but I don’t need the bass guitar you can slap mine.

TheGreenCat says:


Arya Faeqy says:

The madlad actually stared into my soul for 4 minutes straight

Emilio Del Riego says:

I want a heart

Margarita Martinez says:

Me never each you voice hi of mexico

Michael G says:

This made me hit the like button…3:48

Josh W says:

10$ he won’t actually like this

Clas Gustafsson says:

Who liked and subbed? XD

manos13 ? says:

I want a heart

Ambient Orca says:

I watched 4 minutes of davie staring directly into my soul……..

ケメントエーゲ says:

He is male Hila

Tjpopcorn says:

I heard if you leave a comment it gets a heart

Tomás Díaz says:


TooTsee XD says:

U have a nice guitar


Titan says:

in my state, verbal contracts are legally binding. so now you have to give me a bass, come to my house, and slap the shit out of it. or else i sue. ok thanks

Rudy says:

L’unico fucking italiano?

Dark Magic says:

I love his accent lmao

Old Man with the Pale Eye and the Screaming Ear says:

Are you a descendant of the Corleone family?

Arillian oo says:

When you need to hit the 10 minute mark 🙂

Tim Martin says:

For every heart I get from Davie504, I will live a happy life

James AD says:

But… why was he holding a guitar?

Marvel Prodigy says:

I can actually only play smoke on the water, seven nation army, and another one bites the dust

Player 404 says:

nice vidéo

chrbk says:

I got the joke

Ducks 'Til Dusk Outdoors says:

Davie, I’ve been a long time subscriber and all I gotta say is you kick ass dude. Seeing your channel grow to where it is now is just phenomenal! Don’t stop now hahahaha!

DEF says:

Can I get a heart from you?

Slushie Vlogs says:


thinley yoezer says:

Could you play ‘ waiting for love’ avicii

this game trash says:


Molves 33 says:

*That Fake Voice sounds like a Japanese speaker, SOMEHOW*

Nathan Relph says:

We dont know his real voice bc he hasnt spoken his mother tongue on the channel yet

The Penguin says:

My ass is interesting at the end. Isnt in dAVIE

Chris Gray says:

Can you play “Isn’t she lovely” by Victor Wooten

Michael Ruhmel says:

Davie is legit the funniest person ever but he never “talks” in his regular videos lol

John Garrubba says:

David should do a bASS review

Aidan Husa says:


xd Bapperduckle_ _ says:

For every like I will add one nothing, I cba.

Luke Kasprzak says:

5:59 I BASSically reviewed

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