Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass Review with P/J Pickup configuration

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Loads of bass for you money, great build and quality tones at an affordable price!

Take it easy all

Stick out…

Recorded and Produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis — Maplewood Studio

The Full Spec:

Vintage Modified Precision Bass® PJ, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst
Color: 3-Color Sunburst
Body Material: Soft Maple
Body Finish: Polyurethane
Body Shape: Precision Bass®
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Finish: Polyurethane
Neck Shape: Modern “C”
Scale Length: 34″ (864 mm)
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5″ (241 mm)
Number of Frets: 20
Fret Size: Medium Jumbo
String Nut: PPS
Nut Width: 1.625″ (41.3 mm)
Position Inlays: Dot
Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Squier®
Bridge Pickup: Fender-Designed Single-Coil Jazz Bass
Middle Pickup: Fender-Designed Split Single-Coil Precision Bass
Controls: Volume 1. (Middle Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone
Pickup Configuration: PJ
Bridge: 4-Saddle Standard Vintage-Style with Single Groove Saddles
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Tuning Machines: Standard Open-Gear
Pickguard: 3-Ply Black
Control Knobs: Dome Style


Mirko Burroni says:

can you explain me how the knobs works? i mean what does the first knob from above and so for the others

mouthfulloffeces says:

Pretty sure he can save us 15% on our car insurance in 15 minutes. . .

Jaime Valera says:

difference between this one and the affinity series?

Aaron Davis says:

Squier is amazing,I can’t stress this enough,I got just the basic pbass,but I do plan on buying either à squier vintage jazz or jaguar

Lukep2k3 says:

Wait so does it switch between jazz and p bass

David Richardson says:

You play pretty well to not be a full time bass player, nice demo cool bass.

nerkoids says:

Paul, the body’s not made of soft maple, it’s agathis.  Soft maple is pretty heavy, and it doesn’t have a large, open grain like you have on the body.

Constantine Isslamow says:

Beautiful looking and sounding. Thanks for sharing with us

T.I.N Mateus says:

To me this bass sounds better than a Mexican,why should I even bother paying double the price.This one’s got it all.

Moshiur Rahman says:

Do a review of the Jackson JS2 please! Cheers ! 🙂

BaSs2180 says:

Thansk for the review!!!

Cam Par says:

should I save a bit and get this one instead of the affinity version?

Todd Sanderson says:

Actually agathis (kauri) is unfairly maligned. Though locally it’s referred to as a pine, that is misleading since the only thing it has in common with North American pines is that it’s a conifer. But then so is redwood and other respected tonewoods.
Agathis is simply a plentiful wood in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands where a lot of lower-priced instruments are manufactured. It doesn’t have a real exciting grain pattern but it’s harder than basswood, alder and other commonly used woods and some say it has similar tone to mahogany.
You may find agathis instruments that don’t sound great, but it’s likely not the fault of the wood, but of the cheaper pickups or poor construction practices employed in the places where the wood is plentiful. Find a well put together instrument made of agathis and it should be fine.

Richard Mccain says:

That is a high mass bridge.

Steve Austin Jack Thomas says:

I don’t like the P/J pickup config. I’d rather move the P pickup back and put a mini humbucker in the neck

Diego Soriano says:

So will this bass give me the best of both worlds? I really like geezer butler’s tone (he uses a p bass) for fingerstyle and flea’s tone (j bass) for slapping.I know it will give me the full Precision tone, but PJ basses only have one jazz pickup, so will it give me the same tone as a regular jazz bass if i just use the bridge pickup?

Emiliano Rodriguez says:

Great video. Charming bass.

strocat25 says:

take a P/J configuration bass turn volume and tone all the way up and you get my favorite sound on earth. I’m gonna buy one on these in lake placid blue soon.. My other bass is a sterling by music man Sub Ray-4 in mint green with a maple fretboard.

miguelr246 says:

4:27 … dafuq was that…

marv151 says:

this is a great bass, I own it. The jazz pickup sucks but the things sounds great if you have a good eq, it sounds great

Jonny Ross says:

I have a Squier VM Precision and love it, except for one persistent problem: terrible hum coming from the jazz bridge pickup. It can be heard even while I’m playing, which is different from typical single-coil hum. I looked this up online to see if anyone had a similar issue but found nothing. I took the bass into my local music shop for them to have a look at but they couldn’t figure it out. I even tried dropping in a Seymour Duncan Apollo pickup (which is specifically a hum-cancelling jazz pickup), but this didn’t fix it. Now I just make sure to keep the bridge pickup dialed out, which is unfortunate, since having it was a big motivating factor for why I originally bought the bass.

Bálint Schmidt says:

Thank you for the video. I was planning to buy this bass for some time now, and you really made me choose this. Great review!

531chaz says:

I have a slick p/j bass with a jazzmaster body. Tone is unreal

jerobussio says:

can anyone help me out here
why should i buy this one instead of a regular squier p bass? the price is almost the same (this one being just a little bit more expensive).

Im relatively new to this so in terms of sound and all that i can hardly tell the difference

Jianlin Li says:

The pick guard seemed to bend a bit near the tone knob:)
Love all your reviews Paul. Keep going mate:)

Woody Bear says:

According to Fenders web site these Squire 5 P basses are made of basswood, the Squire 5 Jazz basses are made of soft maple.

InterceptingWind says:

I was wondering, is it smart for a beginner to purchase this as their first bass?

Zamudiox Bassman says:

Great review Paul! i think p/j bass configuration have the best of both worlds!

Perry Guerrero says:

According to Fender website, the pickups aren’t Duncan Designed but Fender-designed.

Sanitys Void says:

I got a blue one on the way. Played one at local shop. They sound great and it plays as nice as my MIJ 1980’s P bass.

Hairizal Dahrin says:

jamie oliver in his 40’s plays a bass guitar

Jose Cardenas says:

Nice video as always…

xabriel imbeault says:

keep it up man!! great vids

Xavier Sánchez says:

So… What’s the difference between this and the VM Jaguar?

Cole McCarthy says:

I’m going to be buying one of these soon so I can learn the bass. Getting the Lake Placid Blue finish.

OverlyCooked says:

Horrible demo

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