Sony XB60 Review – Now You Can Have Wall Shaking Bass EVERYWHERE

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Sony didn’t just release their WH-1000XM2 last week, they also released two new Extra Bass Speaker. Today we’re looking at the Sony GTK-XB60. The Sony XB60 is part of Sony’s Extra Bass Line up that features a built in light feature, a rechargeable battery, and you guess it… Lots of Bass. So how does the Sony XB60 preform? We’re about to find out!

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Pankaj Razoriya says:

buions everywhere 😛


You already could have wall shaking bass everywhere with the Aiwa Exos. The Sony sounds really terrible, its like they just don’t give a damn about the sound of the speaker.

Jonathan Suniega says:

Sound quality wise? Will this beat the soundtouch 30?

Nori Licious says:

Wow, harman really stepped up on JBL. i was here for Sony??! Sony has vivid lows, and a proper mid, but no piercing highs. i’ll
check JBL.

Renzo Rodriguez says:

great video!, which of both would you prefer, the xb90 or the xb60?, in terms of quality sound, loudness, materials, portability, specs, etc, the bulkiness of xb90 worth it?, or are practically the same only with more volume?, thanks

•Bergman • says:

I read the reviews in curry’s and people said it sounds terrible

LouisMTB says:

Sony xb5

Graham Fitzpatrick says:

My jbl xtreme blew up at full volume after an hour , have the xb60 now much better no hassle, louder too, waaayyyy louder

jack yazz says:

Woww.. sony is the best for bassss sounding

Bennivideo says:

How much liter is it?

TechLineHD says:

Dude your reviews are awesome. Also, it’s so cool to see the skyline of NYC from time to time! Was there a couple of weeks ago

Jesus Christ says:

Can you conect xb60 with xb40m

kennith rogers says:

I think the infinity one sounds better than any of these speakers. Thanks for showing us. Thumbs up friend.

Bladi Baćar says:

Should i get this one or my country diference is 50$ so

Sascha Büttner says:

Can I use the XB7 and the XB90 in a partychain?
I know this is the video to xb60
Greetings from Germany 😀

Jayvie Erestain says:

xb60 or lg fh6?

Luke MTECH says:

JBL blows it away…

Jucy Dj says:

Sounds good

Brevard Smith says:

It’s cheaper now.

Jeremiah Hawkins says:

This sony spaker is shit

Afif Martini says:

200$ at Bestbuy

Will Emmons says:

i own a sony and i can personally say that it does sound much better in person. Trust me, now that the price is down to $200, it is well worth what retailers are asking for it

Apirak Noppol says:

Can you make Sony srs xb40 vs eu megaboom?

Jesse Calderon says:

it sounds muflled with no bass. the Sony xb5 sounds way better with deep base only not rechable

Simon L says:

Appreciate your metric conversion for size. Please use CM measurement instead of M.

Babushka says:

Trust me,jbl extreme has better sound quality and it.s the same loud

Caleb Brown says:

Choose Harmon Kardon Onyx If you want a good speaker with better clarity

d dc says:

Can you connect xb90 with xb40?? Sony has a video that says it is possible but I have seen videos saying they are not compatible….

Carlas Kingdom says:

light flashing while off and charging is the only criticism. I love owning this speaker.

Jack Mud says:

Is this speaker louder and better than a UE Megaboom

Sarah Vega says:

Sony speakers at least looks kinda futuristic

Daniel Arellano says:

Bass on this speaker is embarrassing for the size

Junioh Beltran says:

I’ll take the JBL lol

Kriptic Lunar says:

these arnt this bad it’s cuz it’s through a mic i have the xb2!!! and it sounds great i would suggest the xb30 cuz is small and costs $50 on amazon

Mario Ferreira says:

Can this pair with the xb40

prince2thethrone says:

good info, could you just slow down speaking..thanks

Brian P says:

What are the other 2 speakers in this sound test?

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