Sony XB31 Xtra Bass Speaker – REVIEW


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Sony Xb31 Review



Hey Jim can u review the poco f1 and sony wh1000x m3 (;

Dev Patel says:

Please review Sony wh1000xm3!

ben Chen says:

There will be ue boom 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomáš Brožek says:

Can you please do review os Sony srs-xb21? I thing that its big competition to Jbl Flip 4…

Joe C says:

Man you need to review the new UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3, just released yesterday

dave s says:

Just bought this speaker!Love it!!

Владимир Казаков says:

Hi, Jim. Awesome review, very stylish visuals. Can yoU please tell how did you get the stereo separation with xb20 and xb31? I have xb40 and xb20, but I cant connect them via app for stereo. Only party mode without app, mode in which both speakers play at the same time but without stereo separation. Thought only same models can be connected in stereo, e.g. xb20 and xb20. Thanks in advance!

Super Smelly Bob says:

Is it possible to turn of the led lights?

Lydon Lewis DoUbLeZz says:

Hell yea Jim u nailed this review! Out of the 3 new sonys this one definitively sounds the best and live sound works best with it aswell, I find EDM works best with it. It was my first Sony in March this year and i love it, it beat the charge 3 for a good month! But the life for my charge 3 and the fact that the charge 3 plays almost everything in my library closer to the way it’s meant to be heard knocked the 2 into the same spot! But man I love all the features ot offers and driver layout and style! The main speaker I play full price for is the charge, but this one was the exception! I do hope that charge 4 can top this in performance but we shall see! Great review dude!

Christian Kansichi says:

Please do a review of the Sony WI1000x and compare them to the Bose qc30

ezar howard says:

Are you sure your battery test is accurate? Sony speakers have this thing where the phone volume is different from the speakers volume. You may have your phone at 50% and the speaker at 100% would cause the battery to die significantly faster because the amplifier is at max. I easily get over 24 hours with both my xb41 in party chain at 50% vol on speaker and 100% vol on my phone. I use the app to change vol if I have too and I never have to touch them unless I’m charging them. I would expect the xb31 to get around the same results. It maybe a smaller battery but it’s watts/battery ratio is about the same.

Chris Crowder says:

I trust your reviews, Jim, because you’re asian.

zyrine jhen says:

Welcome back! I miss your wonderful videos and your soothing voice.

jayesh dubey says:

This feature is absolutely blast , a real party booster.

TheGamingGod 811 says:

You should do the alteclancing expedition 8 vs the JBL boom Box next

Muhammad Kharismawan says:

Do a review of the Sony WH-1000x M3, I hear it got an improved ANC performance… Can you believe it? Even better!?

jayesh dubey says:

I want ask if connected to more than one Sony device the party booster will work in all device or on only the one which is used.

sumanyu sinha says:

Jaybird X4 review
With X3 comparison

Hugh Sharkey says:

Hi Jim the Google home Max has just gone on sale in the UK. I know it’s been available in the US for almost a year now and I am thinking of buying it. Could you do a review ease? Cheers Hugh

Blood Sugar says:


Rugged Brother says:

SONY WH-1000XM3 !

Rugged Brother says:

SONY WH-1000XM3 !

Akhil Chandra says:

They sound great but the design is awful.

Andy Lozano says:

The beat feature would be good if you’re free style rapping.

MrKarnenorte says:

Sounds like the live sound setting is the best for me…..just my opinion

DNTroesch says:

Jaybird x4 please!

Azo Pucho says:

UE Boom 3 review please

AnubhAv GoyAl says:

Review Sony WH-1000XM3.

padmanabhan krisnaswamy says:

Hey Jim. I personally think you’re the best headphones reviewer out there! So a small request! I’m pretty sure that the Sony WH1000xm3 is best headphones out there. But do you think it’s better than the BOSE QC35ii? I’m planning on buying the xm3’s just need help making a purchase decision.

Local 1001 says:

Welcome back Jimmy! I’m having a Denon Envaya 250bt and the sound quality is crystal-clear! I hope you can review it so that other consumers could know about this product aswell.

Rugged Brother says:

SONY WH-1000XM3 !

Adrian Ø2 says:

Can you do a review for Skullcandy XTFree?

Firdaus Zaini says:

Hey Jim, I hope you will do a review on the new sony wh1000xm3. I know other youtubers have done a review on it but you are the only one that I trust. So hope you will do a review on it.

ricer civic says:

the real question is. is it worth upgrading my xb30 for this one?

Simon Haley says:

Xb30 is better.

Super Geekys says:

Hey Jim! Just so you know, the Charge 4 and the Onyx Studio 5 are out! Your videos are just hotttttt!

Pinal Shah says:

Can you please review the jbl e45bt headphones

Lee cardio says:

Could you do a video on top 5 best budget Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones.
And also on the new sony WH 1000 XM3

Muzammel Haque Mukul says:

Sony WH-1000×M3 please

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